Ralf Schumacher thinks Ferrari will be prioritising the team's driver issue in the coming weeks and months.

Ferrari's chairman John Elkann has even weighed into the clash in Brazil between Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc, admitting he is "very angry" about it.

"It has made clear how important Ferrari is," La Repubblica quotes him as saying.

"It is not acceptable that - however good they may be - drivers do not remember that they are always Ferrari drivers and this must not happen.

"The only thing that matters is Ferrari winning and that it is a team game. And this aspect cannot be forgotten. Mattia Binotto was clear about this," Elkann added.

Schumacher, whose brother Michael was ultra-successful during his Ferrari career, thinks driver conflict is an extremely important problem for the Italian team.

"I believe there will be a difficult internal discussion, because Binotto slowly comes under pressure," he told Sky Deutschland.

"After all, Ferrari has other worries than its teammates constantly arguing. And they both have that responsibility. They are both old enough.

"I think it is serious enough that if it does not get better, if there are no clear commitments, then Ferrari might think about changing something," Schumacher added.

And if the situation further deteriorates, Schumacher thinks the main victim will be quadruple world champion Vettel.

"It will be very difficult for both of them but especially Sebastian," he said.

"If they cannot find a solution, it is clear that the future is with Charles."

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6 F1 Fan comments on “Schumacher: Vettel in danger if conflict worsens

  1. Lucy L

    IMHO - Binotto will keep this under check - Until the beginning of 2020 season when I think it will be made very clear to Vettle that he Has made far too many errors and needs to defer to charles.. 2021 - Merc out and Ham and LeClerc as team mates...

  2. Jadra

    I am of the opinion that Vettel knows what is his position for the future relationship with Leclerc and he is wise enough to act accordingly, and he might have another opportunity to get back to the top . In order to do so he needs to switch gears in his mind and not be desperate to beat Charles at any price.After all they are part of the same team and should encourage each other to get best out of the cars they drive and chase their opponents who are now pretty close to Ferrari and might be even closer next season.The team sees Charles as their future champion but it does not mean he will do it next year and he will leave Ferrari if they do not provide him with the best possible car in the next couple of years.Vettel has had the F1 crown 4 times and nobody can take that away from him, so he must be satisfied with his achievements.


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