Feb.4 - The saga surrounding Lewis Hamilton's 2021 contract is becoming "embarrassing".

That is the view of former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher, referring to the fact that the only team with an official vacancy ahead of the new season next month is Mercedes.

He told Sky Deutschland that Hamilton is taking a "risk" - perhaps not only with his image, but also because Mercedes has the highly competitive youngster George Russell waiting in the wings at Williams.

When asked about Hamilton's farcically-delayed contract negotiations, Schumacher said: "One thing is clear - Formula 1 is bigger than any one individual.

"It's February now and the most important man at the moment in Formula 1 - the seven-time world champion - is still not signed.

"I find that a shame and, I have to say honestly, a bit embarrassing," he added. "Lewis also must not forget the risk of what he is doing."

45-year-old Schumacher said he isn't sure why Hamilton and Mercedes are still yet to agree, adding: "It's always said that it's just about the money, but I hope not."

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6 F1 Fan comments on “Schumacher says Hamilton-Mercedes contract saga is a shame

  1. shroppyfly

    Hamilton is blessed......... yes with a one yr deal with options,mm something tells me the 2nd yr option wont be taken up.. by Merc , ofcourse this is all rumour still but from Mercs side, it makes sence, last hurrah for the merc/hamilton partnership , plus vastly reduced wage bill, IF this rumour is true, hamiltons long term aspirations with merc are in tatters, and i believe he Knows it and is just now trying his luck, but heh who knows what the real truth is, but we can all form an opinion winkwink ps now he knows how bottas must feel after all the 1yr contracts lol,

    • reye

      Why the speculation and negative at that. Detractors are so green with envy. Merc makes more money with Sir Hamilton because of his appeal to the younger generation. But don't worry about the dominant society's existence, because young liberals becomes old wacist like you.


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