Dec.12 - A total of six tracks have been selected by the FIA in order to host sprint events in the upcoming 2023 season; the first time that this has happened.

Based on analysis and research into the best courses for the format, which includes overtaking possibilities, close racing, and high-speed sectors, Formula 1 officials have chosen the locations for the 2023 Sprint.

The locations and schedule are as follows: The first sprint will be at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku from 28th to the 30th of April 2023. The second sprint will hold at the Austrian Grand Prix from 30th June to 2nd July 2023. The third sprint will hold in Belgium from 28th to the 30th of July, 2023. The fourth sprint will take place in Qatar from the 6th to the 8th of October, 2023.

Schedule for the Formula 1 Sprint events released for 2023

Baku (capital of Azerbaijan) will host the first F1 Sprint in 2023

The fifth sprint will be held in the United States from the 20th to the 22nd of October 2023. And the sixth and last sprint will be held in Brazil from the 3rd to the 5th of November 2023.

The short race covers a distance of 100 km (about 62 miles), which is equivalent to the 24 laps available at the Red Bull Ring circuit outside Austria. The starting positions for the second round of the event where drivers battle to win their starting positions for the main race in the third round, as well as the opportunity to gain potentially valuable bonus points, are determined by a qualification race on the opening night.

Since there are no requirements for stops, the race plays up to its moniker by allowing drivers to pursue victory all-out from the outset. On Saturday, there are just two practices instead of the customary three to make the sprint event work, and the race follows through to the final stages. This allows the bettors to place wagers on reliable sites on any sprint they feel like, and if they are successful, reap the rewards. By placing bets on casino sites listed at the casino guide, the markets available can be utilized, and the bettors are sure that they are safeguarded on the trustworthy platform.

Major Formula 1 tournaments and championships now include the sprint event, and it appears that they will remain a part of the series. The succeeding sprint races are expected to be significantly more crucial by giving more points to the top finishers, because of the format adjustments made since the first of these events, which was staged in Silverstone in the 2021 campaign.

The 2022 edition was equally exciting, being an improvement from the previous one. An individual who wins a sprint race receives maximum winning points, and the other finishers in the top three also receive points. By doing their best, drivers can earn additional points in the first rounds by placing between first and tenth in the real Grand Prix or by racing in the quickest lap time.

For the forthcoming season in 2023, F1 has doubled the number of sprints from three; as was the case in 2021 and 2022, to six, as Grand Prix organizers were eager to host the races. This edition will do well to mix up the typical weekend schedule and deliver more high-intensity action with an additional race.

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