Oct.28 - Audi has made the right decision to team up with Sauber for 2026, according to Ross Brawn.

Brawn - a well-known engineer, team executive and even team owner - is now managing director of Liberty Media-owned Formula 1's sports division.

It is rumoured that he intends to step down long before Volkswagen-owned Audi teams up with the Swiss-based team Sauber for their 2026 works collaboration.

Bottas puts hand up early for 2026 Audi F1 seat

The vehicle shown is a concept vehicle that is not available as a production model.

Brawn, 67, thinks Audi is making the right move.

"They can be very successful thanks to joining with an existing team," he told f1-insider.com.

"You can also go the wrong way, like Toyota. They didn't succeed because they didn't take knowledge from an existing team and combine it with their own technology.

"But it is precisely that mix that is so important. And Sauber is the right team for them.

"With BMW, they were close to success. They have good people, a good factory, and you can't build something like that overnight.

"Sauber has a very good wind tunnel too, which we (F1) also used to construct our models for the current rules," Brawn added.

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