Sep.8 - Carlos Sainz says he has nothing else to prove as a top Formula 1 driver.

The Spaniard has not won a title or a race, but he came close to the latter last Sunday when he chased Pierre Gasly home at Monza.

The McLaren driver's future boss, Ferrari principal Mattia Binotto, applauded Sainz from beneath the podium.

"I didn't notice that," Sainz told AS newspaper.

"I am sure we will speak on the phone and I appreciate that."

Earlier, 26-year-old Sainz denied that he is regretting his decision to accept Ferrari's offer for 2021.

But it seems obvious that, despite the high profile move, he will actually move down the grid to a woefully uncompetitive top team next year.

Asked what he has to do to finally prove himself in Formula 1, Sainz answered: "Nothing.

"What I have to do is keep doing performances like this. The speed, all the ingredients are there, but you have to keep fighting, keep improving as a driver, keep being self-critical.

"Then, when you get a race as good as Monza, you also have to admit that it was a good day and you couldn't do more. If the victory has escaped us it is due to circumstances, but I honestly do not think about what else I have to prove.

"Ferrari signed me after all," Sainz insisted. "You don't have to do or say much more once Ferrari has their eye on you."

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One F1 fan comment on “Sainz: Ferrari signing proves F1 credentials

  1. Alexander Key

    I for one, am happy to see Mclaren in the top 10 again! I hope they keep it up as we transition into the new cars in 2021-22.

    You don't have to be a world champ or multiple race winner to show that you have the chops to drive for the top teams. Sainz put that to rest last Sunday with his aggressive, but controlled chase down of Gasly.

    There is >>NO<< driver in F1 that can't win on any given Sunday. They are all extremely talented drivers, if you question this, try driving your car (on a closed circuit) at 110 mph, and then realize that they are driving at twice that speed!

    I had written off Stroll last year, silly, look at him now!


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