May 28 - There are "no stumbling blocks" in Toto Wolff's negotiations with Lewis Hamilton over a new Mercedes contract.

The pair arrived in Monaco this week amid swirling rumours about a big-money offer to the seven time world champion supposedly made by Ferrari president John Elkann.

Even Red Bull's Dr Helmut Marko doesn't believe it.

"46 million is not that much in the league in which Hamilton moves," the 80-year-old Austrian said.

"I can't imagine there's anything to it."

Former F1 driver Jacky Ickx, a famous former Ferrari race winner, has a similar opinion.

"I don't see any serious reasons for Lewis doing that," he told La Gazzetta dello Sport at Monaco.

"Even talking about this makes me think about a serious problem that exists in modern society - when you hear some news, you don't know if you can trust it."

Mercedes team boss Wolff says the entire story is "nothing but rumours".

"We are in a super position with Lewis," he said in Monaco. "There are no stumbling blocks in the contract negotiations."

The Austrian also dismissed claims that he has already kicked off talks with Hamilton's potential successor Charles Leclerc.

"Years ago, Lewis and I made the pact that we would first have to finish the negotiations with each other before we talked to other drivers," said Wolff.

As for Hamilton's current teammate George Russell, he's not fussed either way.

"I don't care at all whether Lewis stays or Lewis goes, because I believe I can beat anyone on the grid," he told the Daily Mail.

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6 F1 Fan comments on “Russell unfazed by Hamilton's F1 future: 'I can beat anyone on the grid

  1. shroppyfly

    "I don't care at all whether Lewis stays or Lewis goes,, nothing like supporting your team mate, and that IS nothing like it, he has more of a voice than VB ever had..Interesting

  2. CanadianEh

    My wife hates Boi George - "He's just an ass_ole." I kind of like the guy - he's got that innocent "Preacher's Son" look to him. Trouble is, those guys are the most seriously depraved individuals. I'm calling him The Preacher from now on.

    More to the point, there's an old new wave tune out there that applies to Dame Lucille: "If I go there will be trouble / If I stay it will be double / So I really got to knoooow ... should I stay or should I go".


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