Jan.15 - Nico Rosberg says he has no intention of returning to active motor racing competition - even for his new off-road team in the Extreme E series.

Now 35, the German quit Formula 1 immediately after beating then Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton to the 2016 title.

When asked why he will not appoint himself as a driver for his Extreme E team, Rosberg said: "Firstly, I just don't want to be a racer anymore.

"I am quite happy with my new life as an entrepreneur. Secondly, I have no experience in off-road racing and it's important to me that we win as a team," he is quoted by Speed Week.

Rosberg also said he is not interested in the other high-profile electric series - Formula E.

"My problem is that I want to maintain the flexibility and freedom of action that I currently have," he said. "And Formula E is a very intense workload."

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4 F1 Fan comments on “Rosberg says he is not eyeing to be a racer anymore

  1. Scott

    He's a rubbish pundit we know that for sure. I always cringe when he's on the sky line-up for a race, reach for the remote and hover over over the mute button, zero personality.

    • ReallyOldRacer

      Scott, funny how two of us, both F1 fans, can have opposite opinions. I think that Nico does a credible job as an analyst on Sky, certainly better than Croft, the trivia and restaurant review host.


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