Nov.24 - Daniel Ricciardo says he won't be attending all 24 grands prix in 2023.

That is despite the fact that Red Bull has now confirmed widespread expectations that the 33-year-old Australian is returning to the team next year.

The role will involve testing, marketing and simulator work.

"Daniel will give us the chance to diversify, assisting in the development of the car, aiding the team with his experience and knowledge of what it takes to succeed in F1," said team boss Christian Horner.

What the role won't involve, however, is full attendance throughout the longest Formula 1 calendar in history.

"I won't be at 24 races," Ricciardo said in Abu Dhabi. "Otherwise I may as well still be on the grid. I made it clear that I needed time off.

"It has beaten me down, the past couple of years, which is why I want a little bit of time removed. I want to find a part of myself again and rebuild a little bit."

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11 F1 Fan comments on “Ricciardo will not attend all 24 F1 races next year

  1. shroppyfly

    Has Prez ever had a dip in form like DR has had?, the answers no, thats why hes on the grid and DR isnt, the longer hes out of RACES the less sharp hell be, he should compete in another series , maybe combine it with Rbs" yet to be defined duties", its a tricky one , they've got him on a carrot retainer, incase Perez and Max fall out lol and for post Perez times, which is end of 24, if Perez keeps Max happy DR hasnt a chance of the seat Imo, and they are the same age give or take, so out of racing for 2yrs same as Alonso, but hes no Alonso....

  2. f1award

    Looks like MV has sorted both his team mate and the 3rd driver, one does what he's told and is now second rate, the other is on a very steep decline. No way would a team manager, with by far the fastest cars, pick these two.


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