Daniel Ricciardo insists Max Verstappen has made a massive impact at Red Bull and has pushed him on to greater things this season.

The pair have enjoyed a titanic battle since the Dutchman replaced Daniil Kvyat in Spain.

And Ricciardo says his impressive speed and strong mentality makes him one of the best on the grid and a real handful as a teammate.

"That was another step up in my career with my driving," Ricciardo said.

"I always felt I was at the limit, and I always compared quite well to Dani, in testing through to Russia.

"That probably sparked the driver change - Max came on board, I thought I was already driving at my limit, but there was something a little bit more, and I feel we've both given each other that.

"I knew how hyped Max was, but I'd never seen his data and didn't really know what he was bringing to the table.

"But I knew he wasn't afraid to give it a go, and I saw already from first practice in Barcelona he was on the limit of the car.

"Max has lifted his game even more, and I have, so it's cool to know we've got a little bit more in the tank.

"Without knowing we had it we have found a bit more."

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