Sep.27 - F1 teams are surprised about the high cost of the controversial 'Halo' safety devices that are mandatory for 2018.

Although unpopular among many drivers, fans and insiders, the partial cockpit cover must be fitted to every car from next year.

Germany's Auto Motor und Sport reports that, at present, three external companies have applied to the FIA to be able to supply Halo to the teams.

"Those who meet the requirements can then sell Halo to F1, Formula 2 and Formula E teams," the magazine claims.

But a big issue will be price, with insiders reporting that a single Halo will cost somewhere between EUR 13,000 and 24,000.

"It will be expensive," confirmed Force India technical boss Andy Green.

"We not only have to order Halos for the cars, but also for the FIA load tests."

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