Mar.18 - Rebranding as Alpine justified the Renault group remaining in Formula 1, according to the Enstone based team's new CEO Laurent Rossi.

"The thinking behind Renault and F1 was constantly questioned within the company, for various reasons," Rossi, who will report directly to Renault CEO Luca de Meo, told Auto Hebdo.

"Whenever we encountered problems and had to cut costs, the management wondered what the project was worth - and that makes sense," he explained.

"Every so many years it was thought about whether participating in Formula 1 was worth the money."

Rossi said the problem is that F1 is a sport focused mainly on sporting performance, which in many ways does not align with Renault's road car operations.

"Formula 1 was so far removed from our commercial products that we wondered whether it really helped in selling Clios or Meganes," he said.

"Alpine and Formula 1 is a much more logical combination. The brand will be able to use the media attention very well," added Rossi.

"23 grands prix with 500 million people seeing the logo every two weeks - that will undoubtedly pay off. Especially when we are in good company with Aston Martin, Mercedes, McLaren and Ferrari."

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3 F1 Fan comments on “Renault to Alpine rebrand has kep them alive in F1

  1. shroppyfly

    What did ford say , Win on Sunday Sell on Monday, funny they never waivered when Seb won 4 yrs straight powered by Renault , Rebrand to Survive , mmmm the sales of Alpine will rocket no doubt lol, and again if you have to justify a rebranding, then in itself theres a flaw in the thinking, and finally why bother producing cars like the Megane RS at all, , I cant make make head nor tail of what this man is saying..............or trying to say, Arrrrrrrr ive got it , what he means is , if Alpine fail it wont hurt the main brand Renault, gotcha now

  2. ReallyOldRacer

    I didn't even know there was an Alpine badged car. Thought they were a tuner. But then, I live in the colonies, so you can't expect much knowledge. BTW, I still don't give a rat's ass. My only exposure to Renault road cars was a Dauphine i the 50's, and that was enough for a lifetime.

  3. djole

    I think f1 is good for marketing, if you are winning races, they'll show and name winner on all news,but if you cannot win, then better retire, most people I know don't watch f1 or motogp, but they all know who Hamilton and Marquez are, because they constantly see them on news sport section... and for real fans rebranding doesn't matter, when I see alpine, ill know its renault and that aston martin is weaker version of mercedes and that it don't have one single piece in it produced and designed by aston martin company...


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