Sep.5 - Renault could have a brand new name and identity for 2021 and beyond.

The carmaker's CEO Luca de Meo has announced that, while continuing to run the F1 team, Cyril Abiteboul will also head up the Renault-owned Automobiles Alpine brand.

"He has big expectations indeed for Alpine and what he has asked me to do as a mission is to provide a couple of suggestions in order to build an organisation around that brand," Abiteboul said at Monza.

An iconic French sports and racing car maker, Alpine was re-launched in 2017 with the A110 road car.

"Right now that brand is one car, but we want do more and that needs an organisation," Abiteboul explained. "So that's what I'd like to do."

However, he would not comment on rumours that the Renault F1Team will definitely be re-named and branded for 2021.

"It will be up to him (de Meo) to decide what way he wants to market the different brands. I'm just running the team," said Abiteboul.

"My two cents is that with the new Concorde Agreement, we finally have the possibility to have a stable platform in Formula 1. The way we want to make use of that platform will be up to the CEO."

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