Nov.30 - Red Bull extended Sergio Perez's contract into 2022 in order to get "a better Checo" for the championship battle.

While Mercedes may have the edge with its car for the final two races of the intense 2021 title fight, Red Bull arguably has a better 'number 2' in the form of Mexican Perez.

"We sat down during the summer break and realised that we would get a better Checo if we gave him security," team boss Christian Horner told Auto Motor und Sport.

"The second half of the season proves us right. Checo has become much better," he added.

Horner says all of Max Verstappen's teammates have had similar struggles as Perez in recent years.

"Max wins all his time in the slow and medium-speed corners," he said. "Sometimes it's up to two tenths in one corner alone.

"The rear of our cars has always been nervous under braking, but Max doesn't mind. Everyone else does. They lose confidence.

"Maybe Max doesn't even notice this nervousness in the car and just drives straight through it."

Top Red Bull official Dr Helmut Marko confirms: "Max is fast in any car.

"Put him in something and he is on the limit in the second lap."

The 78-year-old Austrian says it's a different story for Perez, especially when car setup changes are necessary.

"Then it takes him longer to adapt," said Marko.

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3 F1 Fan comments on “Red Bull team re-signed Perez to get 'better Checo'

  1. Linda

    Wasn't that obvious to everyone? If Bottas had had a 2022 contract, he would be performing for Mercedes. Now he's driving for himself and if he's not at the front of the grid, when he races for himself, he's happy to plod around outside the points

    • f1award

      Mercedes have and are giving VB equipment to run MV and LH close year after year, race after race. Reflects poorly on his personality and driving ability if he can only perform to a high standard depending on whether he has a contract next year or not.
      Contracts should be earned, not given just to stop someone throwing his toys out of the pram.

  2. ReallyOldRacer

    It's getting old hearing about RB's #2 drivers being compared to VER. I am not a Maxfan, but admit that he is one of the quickest, most aggressive (emphasis on the latter) drivers on the track. AND RB has built a car around his driving habits.


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