Jul.29 - Red Bull has confirmed that "constructive discussions" are taking place with Porsche.

Mandatory antitrust filings with about 20 non-European countries have revealed that the two companies are working on a 50 percent buyout of Red Bull Racing by the Volkswagen-owned German sports car maker.

Eric van Haren, the correspondent for the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, contacted Red Bull for an official reaction.

Red Bull and Porsche not ready yet to announce their collaboration

Red Bull Racing Team Consultant Dr Helmut Marko talks in the Red Bull Racing garage (Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images)

"As has been previously stated, the companies remain engaged in constructive discussions," the statement rads.

"We all are looking forward to the satisfactory finalisation of the FIA's various sporting, financial and technical regulations for 2026."

Red Bull's top Austrian official Helmut Marko said recently: "I only know that the VW Group will get involved when the regulations are set.

"That is not the case yet."

It is expected that finalisation of the 2026 engine regulations will be confirmed by late August.

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4 F1 Fan comments on “Red Bull team admits F1 'discussions' with Porsche about their future

  1. John B

    Looking like a done deal

    I dotting and T crossing to go

    Well done Christian

    New blood hopefully will shake things up

    Kick the dame's bumhole along with Tontotosser who will have practice at head shaking and desktop thumping going forward

  2. smokey

    Definitely a win - win situation here, and a great boost in interest for F1.
    Red Bull have a proven track record in chassis and aerodynamics, and Porsche have a proven track record in engine reliability and performance. It doesn't get any better!
    And with his past top racing connections with both Red Bull and Porsche, Mark Webber will replace Helmut Marko as CEO of the Red Bull team in 2026 when the marriage between Red Bull and Porsche takes place.

  3. shroppyfly

    Initial thought yes brilliant for both, the move wont impress Ror, another Oem sticking there noses in , but heh it is what it is , BUT 50/50 until now Rb could decide who drives for them with no outside influence, maybe a little with Yuki, with Porsche would they interfere,I doubt it....


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