Sep.13 - Dr Helmut Marko says claims Max Verstappen deliberately took out championship rival Lewis Hamilton at Monza are "nonsense".

"That's what happens when you don't leave the space," championship leader Verstappen declared on the radio whilst still perched atop Hamilton's Mercedes on Sunday.

Replays showed that the seven time world champion was even struck on the head by Verstappen's rear wheel, proving the effectiveness of the 'Halo' innovation.

Hamilton suggested Verstappen was heartless for not checking he was ok.

"I saw Max get out and just walk away," said the Briton. "I was kind of surprised because I think when we have incidents, the first thing we want to do is make sure the guy you had the accident with is ok."

He said he will seek medical checks and therapy for a stiff neck, but Verstappen insisted he only walked away when he realised Hamilton was basically "fine".

"He was still trying to move the car when I got out," the Dutchman said.

"If you were in trouble, you wouldn't be doing that."

Nonetheless, it was a momentous and symbolic moment in their epic 2021 world championship battle, with stewards ultimately dropping Verstappen three places down the grid for Sochi.

"It's clear the two of them will not be friends," Red Bull top official Marko said.

"It's our fault with the pitstop that Max was near Hamilton. But I would declare it a racing incident.

"Hamilton could have left more space, but assuming Max did it intentionally is nonsense. It's not like Prost and Senna either. The difference is huge.

"The result may be the same, but that was on purpose. But this time neither of them had any such intention. You cannot plan for both of you to be out."

Hamilton, though, is worried that the pair will now continue to clash when wheel-to-wheel. He said he hopes the Verstappen penalty calms things down.

"If not, it will continue like this. I am not known for incidents such as this," said the 36-year-old.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, who called Verstappen's move a football-style "tactical foul", agrees: "Lewis and Max have to somehow find a way to treat each other on the track.

"It would be bad obviously if the next eight races ended with eight accidents."

Former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher, though, sides with Marko in denying that Verstappen would have done it on purpose.

"I don't see any intent, which would be against the nature of a real racer. Max just tried desperately to win the corner," he told Sky Deutschland.

"For me it was like a stalemate in chess - there was no move for anyone. As a steward, I would have said it was a racing incident."

Although backing the stewards' verdict, F1 race director Michael Masi said he sees no reason for the FIA to try to intervene with the intensity of the title duel going forwards.

"We will continue to consider each incident separately," said the Australian.

"Whether there is any pattern to such incidents depends on whose side you are on. I'm sure Christian Horner sees it differently to Toto Wolff.

"But I'm not going to play these games," Masi insisted. "We are having a fascinating title battle with the top two drivers - let's focus on that."

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15 F1 Fan comments on “Red Bull says claims of Senna-like foul are nonsense

  1. Linda

    OMG!!! It just gets worse. I've just heard, for the first time, MVs last radio message to the pitwall, as he was parked on LHs head! “ This is what happens when you don't leave room." He didn't know at that time whether he'd broken LHs neck or damaged his skull That is just so wrong. Really lost my respect for Max now. Not a shred of concern in his voice, he just wanted the powers that be, to hear first hand, that 'it wasn't his fault.' Shame on you Max. I feel sad for you that you have no empathy for a fellow driver, whether you like him or not 😢

  2. smokey

    Of course Helmut Marko, who received his doctorate in propaganda, will defend Verstappen, because Max is his choice of driver!
    Obviously, this incident was Hamilton's fault, because he didn't pull off onto the grass and allow Max to race past unimpeded! Naughty Lewis!
    It seems, by Max's actions after the crash, that the days of caring about the welfare of fellow drivers is long gone! The days of sportsmanship in F1 have disappeared. Shame on the current crop of drivers. I am sure the drivers of yesteryear are shocked and ashamed by the disregard of today's drivers for the wellbeing of their fellow competitors.

  3. Les

    The first words spoken by on Hamilton on the radio after he put Max into the wall at Silverstone were "He turned in on me ". Not a skerrick of concern about Max.
    The Silverstone incident was far more dangerous. Hamilton was trying to reverse his car out from under Max's car so he was okay.
    Hamilton now bleating about after such an accident he realises how fragile life is , no such comment after Silverstone incident with Max . The halo prevented the tyre crushing his head , so it wasn't that bad.

  4. Alain

    Made the same comments months ago that Max drives like Ayrton. I.e. its my corner or we crash. At Monza he had 1/2 the race still to go but was obviously so annoyed that he HAD to get the overtaking done at all cost. Very poor sportsmanship not checking on Lewis to see if he had been injured. That was worse than the impetuous and sometimes dangerous overtaking.

  5. Les

    Hamilton was trying to reverse his car out so he was okay.
    Read my earlier comment about Hamilton's first comment on the radio at Silverstone " he turned in on me " . No concern about Max hitting the barrier at 51g. A very dangerous incident.
    At Monza it was about 40km /hr and halo was there ro protect Hamilton , so not dangerous at all. Hamilton now bleating about how lucky he was, how fragile life is. Silverstone was much worse for Max.
    Go Max for the championship , had enough of whiner Hamilton.

  6. smokey

    It is sacrilege to compare Max Verstappen with Ayrton Senna.
    Max can only dream of achieving the benchmarks that Ayrton accomplished during his short career in F1.
    Maybe Max will one day mature into a good racing driver, however, I am not holding my breath!
    Ayrton's actions both on and off the track were calculated, Max's actions are too impetuous and miscalculated.

  7. Alain

    Well les...max was an accident waiting to happen at Silverstone.....he always turns in on people to force the other driver to take avoiding action. I'm notva 'fan' of either but have followed F1 since the mud 60s so I've see the greats and max is not even close yet. He's rash, arrogant and ful of himself.i'll admit that Lewis seems to moan on the radio alot but as the commentators suggest....this could be mine games.
    As for the radio from Lewis....NO ONE knew it was a 5g or 50g crash till some time Lewis was stating the facts...max drive across him before he cleared the merc.
    As for who wins this year I hope neither do...and certainly not max coz it tee's me off when people refer to some drivers by their Christian name and others by their respect.

  8. Alain

    Smokey....I wasn't saying Max was as good as Ayrton...

    I was saying that Ayrton had told Alain Prost pre Japan race that the corner was his or they'd crash.....which they did

    Ayrton, Michael (senior), Jim Clark and a few others are still the all time 'gods'

  9. Alain

    I know its a fast corner...I've watched at the track a number of times over the years. Christian Horner said at the one overtakes at Copse. Lewis overtook 2 other cars later in the race at the same corner....who did give room unlike Max and all came thru without anyone crashing. Additionally many other drivers have overtaken Silverstones history. And he's a team manager!!!! Max is a loose Canon and caused his own crash. He's wheel banged into a number of drivers in his short F1 career. Lewis is known as one f the 'clean' safe drivers.
    Again....I don't follow either driver but in nearly 50 years of following F1 you notice which drivers are too rash and will crash.

  10. shroppyfly

    yes thank you for that , my point was, which you cleverly avoided

    NO ONE knew it was a 5g or 50g crash till some time later...

    I think everyone knows (even the safe clean drivers) if you crash at 150/180 mph its going to be a massive massive hit .

    Thank you


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