Aug.10 - Dr Helmut Marko and Franz Tost have blankly dismissed speculation linking Pierre Gasly with the vacant race cockpit at Alpine for 2023.

With Alpine poised to lose Oscar Piastri to McLaren, some believe the perfect 'plan B' for the Renault-owned team would be an all-French lineup of Esteban Ocon alongside Gasly.

Frenchman Gasly, 26, is firmly under contract to Red Bull for 2023, but has made no secret of his disappointment at being kept at the energy drink company's second team AlphaTauri.

Red Bull rules out Gasly will switch to Alpine F1 team now

Scuderia AlphaTauri Team Principal Franz Tost talks with Red Bull Racing Team Consultant Dr Helmut Marko on the grid  (Photo by Peter Fox/Getty Images)

"There is no exit clause for Gasly," Red Bull's top Austrian official Dr Helmut Marko told Sport1 when asked about the speculation.

"There was no clause before the summer break and there will be no clause after the summer break."

AlphaTauri boss Franz Tost, meanwhile, played down suggestions Alpine might be prepared to use any compensation paid by the departing Piastri camp to buy out Gasly's Red Bull deal.

"It makes no sense for Red Bull to let Pierre go," said the Austrian.

"If a Red Bull driver fails, there is no other driver capable of stepping in. Only Gasly can do that," Tost added.

He also said the Faenza based is very happy with Gasly as its number 1 driver.

"Pierre is very talented," said Tost. "He thinks everything through carefully and is very focused.

"With the right car, he can be at the front. That is our job now."

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4 F1 Fan comments on “Red Bull rules out Gasly will switch to Alpine F1 team now

  1. shroppyfly

    He was also very talented when at Rb wasn't he Franz? lol Marko with his No Clause statement

    Wiki has Marko down as joint team principal at AT ?, but FT down as Sole team principal ? fake news spread by the Hamilton edition of the Daily Mail no doubt

    Meanwhile I had a thought, oil and gas prices are on world markets, etc etc , so what happened in previous conflicts ala Gulf 1 Gulf 2, Afgan, Syria etc etc, i must either have a bad memory, or this whole oil and gas price rise didn't happen then ?

  2. j.snor

    the good pierre ended up with a dead-end job at rb,
    and he knows it very well, since he signed a new contract
    with them.he may even be replaced for 2024.those rb drivers
    tend to disappear into oblivion.. [ see kvyat, see hartley..]

    and clauses? just journalists trying to make a buck in
    the silly season..fake news..


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