Dec.18 - Red Bull Racing can today confirm that Sergio Perez will join the Team and race alongside Max Verstappen in the 2021 FIA Formula One World Championship.

Current driver Alex Albon remains an important member of the Team and takes on the role of Red Bull Racing Test and Reserve Driver with a key focus on 2022 development, simulator work and tyre testing.

Sergio made his Grand Prix debut in 2011 and since then has become one of the sport’s most consistent performers and tenacious racers. Sergio’s recent run of form and victory at the Sakhir Grand Prix made him the favoured choice to join Red Bull Racing, initially on a one year contract.

Red Bull Racing Team Principal, Christian Horner
“Alex is a valued member of the Team and we thought long and hard about this decision. Having taken our time to evaluate all the relevant data and performances we have decided that Sergio is the right driver to partner Max for 2021 and look forward to welcoming him to Red Bull Racing. Alex remains an important part of our Team as Test and Reserve Driver with a key focus on 2022 development and we would like to thank him for his hard work and contribution.”

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10 F1 Fan comments on “Red Bull Racing confirms Perez for next season

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    I don't know Checo, but he appears to be a good person as well as a good racer. I fear that he will end up the loser in this situation. RB is a black hole unless your name is Max. Just my opinion.

    • AndyM

      No doubting Checo's talent, it's just that he has had a second string car to compete in through his career up to now.
      However, history at RB tells us that Marko always favours giving one driver more opportunities over the other, and you are correct ~ Checo's name is not Max, so Checo's side of the garage will suffer the disparity as have his predecessors for decades! Marko plays games that are not good for a harmonious team environment.
      Marko is past his use by date, and must be retired in order to create a balanced team.

      • Kenneth J LaBry

        That may be a little different with Perez. From a marketing and brand perspective with Red Bull Perez brings a tremendous brand and name recognition throughout half of the western hemisphere. I would estimate that he has a more fervent following than Max. This being said it will probably be in Red Bull's best interest to make sure that Sergio is equivalently supplied in every aspect. The mere perception that he is not would likely cost Red Bull tremendously in product sales. This is the reason that they are in F1 in the first place.

  2. Kenneth J LaBry

    I think that this will be beneficial for both. Sergio brings with him the backing of one of the most prominent business entities in the western hemisphere and name recognition and association that is unparalleled across the entire central and southern portion of the western hemisphere. He also brings demonstrated talent, knowledge and driving ability that equals the best on the F1 grid. Red Bull on the other hand has the potential to provide the best alternative package to Mercedes for 2021. Beyond that it is a question with Honda pulling out but for next year they will have the most formidable team that they have had since the Vettel years.

  3. JG

    Ultimately, it's a failure of Red Bull's young driver programme; like Daniil Kvyat, Brendon Hartley etc. Perez is good, but he's not top drawer. Interesting that they didn't take Pierre Marko as sharp as he used to be..?

  4. Damian

    I’m sure it will work out well until Chico starts beating the little spoilt brat Max. But being red bull we know from past history who will get preferential treatment and the very ordinary treatment of the other driver Mark Webber -“ Not bad for a Number Two Driver” Daniel was smart and left this year he has grown so much as a driver and team leader something Max will never be able to achieve.

  5. Rick

    Make no mistake it's all about the money Perez brings shed loads plus a massive fan base. Luckily he's not a bad driver. But him and Max as team mates let the fireworks begin. Now that will be entertaining!


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