Oct.14 - Red Bull is working "day and night" to "uncover the secret" of how Mercedes pulled so quickly ahead in the otherwise intense 2021 title battle.

In recent days, Dr Helmut Marko and his Red Bull Racing colleague Christian Horner cast serious doubt on the legality of Mercedes' latest engine upgrade.

"I don't think Mercedes did anything illegal," Marko insists.

"But something has been weird since Silverstone. So it is now up to us to research why they are suddenly so fast.

"Is it just the engine or is it something else?" the Austrian wondered. "We now have to work day and night to uncover the secret and then counter it as quickly as possible.

"It's up to us."

The implication of Marko's comments is that the FIA is reluctant to probe too deeply into whether rumours of an intercooler 'trick' are true.

But for the world championship fight, it is bad news for Red Bull.

"If the performance difference continues to be the same as in Istanbul, we have a problem," said Marko, 78.

"Of the six remaining tracks, only Mexico and Sao Paulo are in our favour because of the altitude. At the moment, the rest clearly seem to be Mercedes-land."

It is even rumoured that Red Bull may change Max Verstappen's chassis ahead of Austin, so bad was the Dutchman's struggle with understeer.

"Max constantly complained about understeer that we just couldn't get rid of," admitted Marko.

"But we're going to keep fighting. It is also positive just how relaxed Max is in dealing with the situation.

"He remains very calm and only points out the disadvantages that he has at the moment."

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10 F1 Fan comments on “Red Bull not saying Mercedes has illegal F1 engine

  1. Craig Bailey

    Make a better engine and intercooler Honda. Shut up and work harder Red Bull. It’s time to prove you can be champions and Max has to earn it. No more excuses and bitching. This is where you dig deep like McLaren, Ferrari, Williams and all other championship winners proved. It’s execution time. Stupid driving at Monza and elsewhere and Max should be farther ahead. People may not like Mercedes but they are winners and consistent. Is it Red Bull’s time and Max’s time? I hope so but I doubt it. In the end Mercedes and Hamilton may prove being relentless wins.

  2. Les

    Unlike Mercedes who haven't
    had to dig deep between 2014 - 2020.
    I'm sure Mercedes has a trick they have come up with their engine bit the FIA doesn't seem to want to investigate, but if Red Bull or Ferrari get faster immediateley there is an investigation.
    Did someone say level playing field not.

    • chappy71

      If the FIA were investigating Redbull they would have banned their engine. There is no way Honda came up with an engine that was that much better than the year before. Marko and Spiceboy have the FIA in their pocket.


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