Nov.15 - The best Formula 1 drivers always have "some sharp edges", according to former F1 driver Christijan Albers.

He was commenting after fellow Dutchman Max Verstappen, the back-to-back reigning world champion, inexplicably refused to let teammate Sergio Pérez past in Brazil so the Mexican can secure second overall in the drivers' standings.

"I understand that he has his principles, but a driver of his calibre didn't need to do that," Albers told De Telegraaf. "Was this all really worth it? He should be so far above it."

Red Bull driver spat is personal says Dutch Ex-F1 driver

Max Verstappen leads a line of cars during the F1 Grand Prix of Brazil at Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace on November 13, 2022 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

Dutch F1 GP boss Jan Lammers, however, thinks there is more to the story than just Verstappen's pride.

"He had the chance to take part in the team's first one-two. He made a choice," the former F1 driver told NOS.

Lammers thinks the episode reveals something "personal" between the Red Bull teammates - with Perez even going too far with his post-race comments.

"Perez says Verstappen owes his two titles to him, but he also said he has now seen Verstappen's true nature which I think it quite personal," he said.

"It's a personal insult to Max's character, which was unnecessary and below the belt. Because if Red Bull had demanded in his contract that he finish third, I think he would have signed with a very thick marker.

"On the other hand, a one-two is a nice gesture towards Dietrich Mateschitz. I think this is more about Verstappen and Perez than the team," Lammers added.

As far as Albers is concerned, however, Red Bull is simply revealing one of the "sharp edges" that the most successful Formula 1 drivers all seem to have.

"You don't get a driver who does what you say, is super good with the press, can drive really fast and become world champion," said the former Minardi driver. "There will always be some sharp edges.

Where Albers does defend Verstappen is over his penalty for the Lewis Hamilton clash at Interlagos.

"I think it's idiotic," he said. "There is almost no possibility to race anymore. It's all controlled way too much now.

"I understand that everything has to be safe, but this is really absurd. This was just real racing, because it's almost impossible to be really wrong at the apex."

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13 F1 Fan comments on “Red Bull driver spat is personal says Dutch Ex-F1 driver

  1. f1award

    Still don't understand it. MV couldn't have a better wing man in SP, he does what he's told and does it well. If SP decides to move on the next teammate might not be so accommodating, although I reckon MV will never allow a top driver to join the team!

  2. Nobodysperfect

    It's a bit childish of MV. He had nothing to lose by helping his teammate gaining a position.

    I guess he also was pissed he couldn't win the race and it ended his winning streak record.

    It wasn't very good for Red Bull's team spirit and image of MV. I bet Merc and Ferrari are quite amused about it...

  3. Blo

    Aggressive,arrogant,asshole. He deliberately sabotaged his teams 1-2 in the world championship for his own personal gratification.
    He has not actually won a world championship yet. Last year he was gifted it with great help from Checo, this year his car was in a class of its own. How long before RB decide he is a huge liability. His answer to wheel to wheel combat is brute force and ignorance, no match for Hamilton’s skill and cunning.
    RB could easily steal a Ferrari driver.
    Hamilton’s little winges seem insignificant by comparison don’t you agree Stroppy.

    • Nodster

      Hmm. Using the same logic, Huey Lamington hasn't won a world championship yet: he stole 2008 from Massa courtesy of Timo Glock, was aided by an even more compliant No.2 in Bottas for most of his Merc time, and his car was in a class of it's own for each of his 6 Mercedes wins.
      As for Huey's skill and cunning, all season we have seen numerous drivers go head to head with Max, and it has been exciting respectful racing without incident. The minute it is with Huey Lamington, there is a collision... just like with Lamington and Alonso, Lamington and Vettel, Lamington and Rosberg. Methinks you are pointing the finger at the wrong driver...after all, Lamington is the renowned master of the Pitt manouvre...

    • Les

      By your thinking then LH hasn't won 7 WDC's , only one with McLaren as he had a dominant car in the Merc for his 6 other WDC's.
      No matter what anybody says the record books say LH has 7 and Max has 2. Schumi has 7.
      Fans of each of those drivers will debate the greatness of their WDC's forever.

  4. Blo

    Les &Nod
    You are both probably quite right, we all have our own take on events. For me the defining facts are the Masi incident which I believe RB had a hand in and capgate. Probably Max was not complicit in either but they inevitably tarnish his WDC’s.
    His behaviour towards His team mate and team defines the man, his reckless driving indicates his desperation to beat LH.
    Even the best drivers may win a race but are unlikely to win a championship without the best car.
    All just my opinion

    • TruePost

      For too many, as with you Blo, personal 'take on events' is tailored to line up with their preference for this or that driver.

      Just watch the movie... in F1 there is no terrible way to win, there is only winning...

      One last word, you keep shooting yourself in the foot with your pedestrian arguments, the latest of which sounds like 'whoever wins the WDC had the best car'. All teams run two identical cars. Over the 2022 season Max did far better than Checo. If you want to think, apparently as Checo has said, that Max owes him his 2022 WDC, well, you are living in the same imaginary world. Good luck with that.

      • shroppyfly

        Aw come on TP we all know it was Massi that is solely responsible for Maxes 1st of two WDCs I mean Max drove like a Latifi for the whole year didnt he lol , Lewis is the god , he should have sown it up much earlier , BUT he didn't..... So he isn't..., apparently Lucy has a new tattoo "And still I whinge 2021---20??"

        Bad news for the Dame, trounced by the rookie(catch him if you can) in an IDENTICAL car

        • TruePost

          Look Shropp, you just can't go on and on blaming poor Lewis for having the best car for so long!!! And the Massi thing, you've got to finally get over it. Things happen in F1... The way I remember it, Lewis and Max drove the same circuit, all under the same rules, and, praytell, something happened!!! Max and RB outplayed Lewis and Merc and Max won... that's just how O-N-E a F1 R-A-C-E turned out.

          You're supposed to understand by the Blo theory that this was very unfair, plus as a fallback position, Lewis, having the best car, should have won the WDC. Could you please get with the program!!!! Lewis was denied his 8th championship by a bunch of crooks that conspiered against him.

          And don't go on about Pretty Boy Russel, his win over Lewis is just an isolated incident until the proper order is restored.

          • shroppyfly

            I know, I know, its just so hard to accept, im having to make things up, sort of you know, alter the facts etc, yeah I guess, suppose it wont be long and Lewis will have a word in Totos ear about being sick of being humiliated, using words like manipulate it Dad ,go on you can do it Im Lewis Hamilton
            I should start listening to that Blo fella, or maybe Blogirl, they seem to know what there on about. Life's so unfair, a bit like f1 can be , but JUST GET ON WITH IT some might say

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