Nov.30 - Red Bull should not be overly focused on Lewis Hamilton's so-called "rocket" engine at the penultimate round of the intense 2021 title battle this weekend.

That is the view, ahead of the first Saudi Arabian GP, of Kees van de Grint, a well-known former Bridgestone engineer who worked alongside Michael Schumacher at Ferrari.

He was asked about what Dr Helmut Marko recently called Hamilton's fresh "rocket" engine that was installed in Brazil but then not used in Qatar.

That is because Mercedes was saving it for the decisive Saudi-Abu Dhabi double header.

"Rocket engine? No, I'm not worried about that," Dutchman van de Grint told RTL GP.

"It's the package that will decide, except of course those two men who have to press their foot on the gas."

There are rumours Honda engineers are considering installing their own fresh and especially-tuned 'rocket' in Verstappen's car, which would cost the Dutchman a grid penalty but potentially give him an equal weapon for the very long Saudi straights and the Abu Dhabi finale.

"I looked at the track in Jeddah and yes, it's fast, but on the other hand you have to have good traction. And I see an advantage there for Red Bull," said van de Grint.

"I think it will be very exciting - hopefully not too exciting," he smiled.

"Mercedes is better here and Red Bull is better there. Maybe we'll be surprised and one of them does have the upper hand, but the drivers themselves are just as good as one another."

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20 F1 Fan comments on “Red Bull also gets 'rocket' engine from Honda this weekend?

    • The first thing

      Hey shroppyfly,
      You are such an opinionated person but the problem with people like you, is that you just don't know when to shut the hell up and keep it to yourself for once and before you know it, oh no you have lost your fingernails by forced extraction.
      I'm going to find you.

  1. shroppyfly

    Actually , i do have an ingrowing toenail that Does need removing so that might be useful...!!, go troll on twitter with Elvis, im collecting Idiots here help....

    • ReallyOldRacer

      Sounds like a terrorist threat, Shrop'. If you need protection let me know and I'll send over Guido. Otherwise, let's see if we can have a good race Sunday. I'm going to hope for the knight by 8 and go to Abu Dhabi level so that one of them will rue the day. IMO, they both deserve to lose. (thumb widget bait and laughter)

      • shroppyfly

        Yeah does doesn't it, Curly your mate from the Red teams has already given me his number, so i'm well protected from Trolls

        Was listening to fp1 and fp2 , this circuit sounds a riot, just a shame its in Sandland, quali should be fun with all the blind corners , lets hope the saudi marshalls know when to wave a flag

        • ReallyOldRacer

          Fast and very tight. GTA potential. The over-under on red flags is 3 in my estimation. Remember '96 Monaco when they barely had a full podium? BTW, thx for not HAMmering me on my race hopes.

          • shroppyfly

            Well to be fair, when you said about the races could be fun , BUT im thinking last race podium with Max winning, the look on the Knights face should be a picture, plus just googled what flag the crowd waves at public executions, inconclusive results at present but ill keep looking.

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