Feb.10 - Kimi Raikkonen says he could return to Nascar once he retires from Formula 1 for good.

When he lost his Ferrari seat at the end of 2009, the 2007 world champion decided to leave F1 and dabbled for two years in world rallying and Nascar.

When asked by the Dutch magazine Formule 1 what he will do when he retires for a second time in the future, the 41-year-old Finn answered: "There are a lot of fun things I could do, but I don't think about them until I am finished with Formula 1.

"I don't know whether it's rally, a Nascar series or something completely different," Raikkonen added.

Last year, amusing footage of Raikkonen scaring his passenger and Alfa Romeo teammate Antonio Giovinazzi with a lap of the famous Nordschleife emerged.

The magazine asked Raikkonen if taking part in the Nurburgring 24 hour race with his friend Toni Vilander might also be a post-retirement option.

"Oh yeah, that would be fun," he smiled. "But as I said, there are lot of nice things to do."

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One F1 fan comment on “Raikkonen says he could return to Nascar after F1 ends

  1. Schan

    Kimi please stay on. You are my hero for thr last 20 years. In every f1 race I always wish that you will win. I felt very dissapointed when ferrari ousted you for Charles leclerc. Hope that this year your alfa romeo car has enough power to beat leclerc. Good luck to you.


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