Apr.8 - The power struggle and Christian Horner scandal may have died down publicly, but there's still "a lot of unrest behind the scenes" at Red Bull.

Amid speculation Suzuka was his last outing in his role as the brand's top Austrian consultant, Dr Helmut Marko - although widely quoted throughout the weekend and most certainly present at the circuit - was suddenly missing from the celebratory post-race photo.

Adrian Newey was in the photo with Horner, but he is being linked with a big-money move to Aston Martin.

"Everyone thinks he's Horner's best friend," former Red Bull driver Robert Doornbos told Ziggo Sport, "but he doesn't want to be involved in this (saga) anymore.

"What I've heard is that he won't renew his contract. And that's a big thing, because if he stops at the end of 2025, where does that leave them for the new era?"

The chaos has marred Red Bull's otherwise imperious 2024 season so far, with Mercedes' Toto Wolff admitting after the chequered flag on Sunday that Verstappen will definitely cruise to a fourth consecutive title.

"Toto has been really nice lately," Verstappen grinned, "saying a lot of nice things about me."

Indeed, Wolff is clearly trying to capitalise on the turmoil in order to secure the perfect replacement for the Ferrari-bound Lewis Hamilton next year.

"I've learned not to listen too much to Toto's statements," Horner also smiled.

Marko, meanwhile, commented when asked about Verstappen's future: "Max will definitely drive where he has the best car, and that is clearly Red Bull Racing at the moment."

However, if Suzuka really was Marko's last race, Verstappen could be instantly free to jump ship to Mercedes. "There is still a lot of unrest behind the scenes," Doornbos insists.

"We get the tip of the iceberg through the media, but Marko is not happy with Horner and Horner is not happy with Marko."

Another former Red Bull driver, Daniil Kvyat, told Speed City Broadcasting: "I don't know whether Christian Horner or Helmut Marko is winning the power struggle."

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4 F1 Fan comments on “Power Struggle Unveiled: Red Bull's New Era Amidst Turmoil

  1. Blo

    Why would Max leave RB, the best run team with the best cars for MB who despite having two of the best drivers on the grid are struggling to stay in the top ten?
    what power struggle? Marko is a very old man with absolutely no power , CH is the principle of the most successful team in F1, a team he personally has built, with the backing of the most powerful person in The entire RB empire. Nuf said.

  2. Nobodysperfect

    Blo, it's just a story to keep you hooked...
    Those F1 journalists write a lot of crap and make stories up out of thin air... Maybe Marco had to go to the toilet or he was taking a nap.

  3. Susan

    Why would Max leave RB for MB? Doesn’t even make sense. I know Max is extremely loyal to Marko but ruining a successful and lucrative career would be a stupid decision. AN is going to do what is best for AN. Nothing will change that. Speculation, rumors sell but in the cold hard light of day, reality generally rules the day.


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