Mar.28 - Porsche has definitively decided against entering Formula 1.

Audi was actually the second of the two Volkswagen brands to signal its interest in entering the sport for the start of the new engine rules era in 2026.

But a deal was ultimately struck with Sauber - while Porsche's talks with Red Bull fell flat.

It remained possible, however, that Porsche would find another team to partner with. But according to France's Auto Hebdo, "everything seems to indicate that Porsche has ended its project to join the 2026 grid".

"Porsche has decided to focus on Hypercar and Formula E," the French magazine's Jean-Michel Desnoues wrote.

"Never say never, because Porsche may return to Formula 1 someday. But it certainly won't be in 2026," he added.

"In any case, that is what the latest whispers from Zuffenhausen seem to indicate."

Desnoues said his information was sourced trackside at Sebring, in Florida, during the circuit's recent hosting of a world endurance championship round.

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