Oscar Piastri, who was announced as Alpine race driver earlier today, made some headlines today. He first got announced as race driver for next season at Alpine, but then he Tweeted, he hasn't got an agreement with Alpine for next year and Alpine put out a press release that was wrong. He even says he will not drive for the Alpine F1 team at all next season.

Below you can see his Tweet:

Question is where he will be driving next F1 season? It probably will be at Williams, but Haas and McLaren might also be interested.

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One F1 fan comment on “Piastri says he will not be driving for Alpine next F1 season

  1. smokey

    Fingers crossed that Mark Webber will negotiate a deal for Oscar to drive with a team that can give him the opportunity to display his great talent on the track. He would go well in a McLaren beside Lando! On current form, Daniel would make a good reserve / test driver!


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