May 4 - Hot on the heels of legal action in Europe and Canada, Nikita Mazepin is now taking his fight to return to Formula 1 to Britain.

The Russian news agency Tass reports that the former F1 driver, ousted by Haas and restricted by the FIA and western sanctions, has now filed paperwork with a British court.

"Nikita appealed to the UK court," a spokesman for the 24-year-old confirmed, alleging that the British sanctions against Mazepin are "illegal".

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3 F1 Fan comments on “Ousted F1 Driver Nikita Mazepin Continues Legal Battle for Racing Return

  1. Rustybee

    I have no issues with the Russian folks who just want to live their lives peacefully. But these pillaging oligarchs and their self entitled offsprings need to be thrown into the meat grinder as cannon fodder.


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