Oct.27 - Opinions remain split over how much credit Lewis Hamilton deserves for racing past Michael Schumacher's all-time F1 record for race victories in Portimao.

That is not because he is not a statistical great, with a record 92 wins to his name and on course to match Schumacher's best ever tally of seven world championships.

It is because of the utter dominance of his Mercedes car and the intra-team battle.

"The British driver is superior in every way to the only driver who can beat him in this current Formula 1 - his teammate Valtteri Bottas," claims Spain's El Mundo Deportivo.

With a more contentious take is Nikolay Vetrov, the former manager of ex Williams driver Sergey Sirotkin.

"This victory was won not by Hamilton, but by Mercedes," he told Russia's Championat after Portimao.

"First let him sit in a Williams, then we will give him the crown. Yes, he is a good driver - mentally strong, drives well. But in that car..."

Bernd Schneider, a former F1 driver and DTM legend, thinks at least two drivers in history were better than Hamilton.

"Ayrton Senna was perhaps the most focused, but Schumacher had the best overall package," he told Sport1.

As for Hamilton, "He is currently the top driver in the best car", said Schneider. "And with these records, you also have to say that there are more races today than before.

"In that way, Schumacher's 91 victories is very high," he added.

Schumacher's brother Ralf, meanwhile, thinks Hamilton now has a couple of clear challengers to his dominance on the horizon.

"Drawing level with Michael is a historic success," he told Sky Deutschland. "But how long will he stay at the top now?

"He notices himself that the young and wild ones are quick - very quick. I think Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc are already on a similar level to Lewis. They will certainly shape the future of Formula 1.

"The only question is when," Schumacher added.

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2 F1 Fan comments on “Opinions remain split about record braking wins of Hamilton

  1. Tony Kestian

    F1 dominance is a the result of great drivers in great cars. LH is currently the greatest or Merc would not have chosen him to drive their awesome car. I don't believe there has been a GOAT F1 driver that would choose to get into the worst available car to show his greatness by finishing 11th.

  2. Michael O Donovan

    Ho hum. This run of Hamilton's has been the most boring thing to happen to F1 in a long time. I think its an utter disaster for the sport. Sure I love all the little things about the sport. But I haven't finished the last 6 seasons. The need to do something about he engine rule or something. How do you expect to interest a new generation of fans with this material. We get about three memorable races a year and the rest is dull. Sorry. Something needs to change. The sooner the better!


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