Nov.12 - Mercedes' dominance is "making Formula 1 boring", according to McLaren driver Lando Norris.

Max Verstappen caused a stir this week when he said that "90 percent" of the drivers currently on the grid could win in Lewis Hamilton's black car.

Norris, though, doesn't want to say that he thinks he could beat the six-time world champion.

"Everyone knows that Lewis is probably one of the best in history," the 20-year-old told Auto Motor und Sport.

"Everyone is also jealous of the position he's in and the number of races he's won - I want to be in that position too," the British driver added.

"I know some people say 'Of course I'd beat him' but I'm not so over-confident that I would say that."

Norris said Mercedes and Hamilton deserve their success, as they have done "a much better job than everyone else for years".

"On the other hand, it makes Formula 1 boring," he insisted. "The show is suffering.

"If we want to improve something, we need the battles between the four or five cars in the midfield right at the front."

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4 F1 Fan comments on “Norris: Mercedes 'making F1 boring'

  1. reyesun

    The problem is with impotent drivers like Lando & Max who don't drive better. Lewis is the greatest F1 driver of all times and he has the statistics to back up the assertion.

  2. Stephen Young

    Verstappen constantly makes comments about other drivers beating Hamilton in the same car. The best drivers deserve & get the best cars.
    That is why Verstappen is not in the best car.
    He is not the best.
    Best he can do is 3rd best.
    When he proves, as has Hamilton has he will be offered the best car.
    Best drivers get best cars. Period!!!!!


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