Mar.31 - The next grand prix of 2021 will be a 'ghost race', Emilia Romagna regional president Stefano Bonaccini has revealed.

Last year, the covid-19 substitute race at Imola was also held behind closed doors, and Bonaccini said the situation must remain the same for 2021 as well.

"The grand prix on April 18 will be behind closed doors, just like last November's," he is quoted by Italian media during a visit to a hospital in Parma.

Imola only returned to the calendar last year and in 2021 to make up for cancelled or postponed grands prix due to covid-19.

But Bonaccini is hopeful that Formula 1 will be back at the Italian venue in 2022 - with a crowd.

"I hope it will be the last time without an audience," he said. "That would mean that we have finally won the challenge."

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One F1 fan comment on “No spectators at Imola F1 event again this season

  1. Greg Hall

    So you ban spectators for a virus that has a 99% recovery rate (unless you are very old or infirm).
    I bet in the near future a few VIP's paying $$$$ will be allowed, a little like the UFC last week.
    After all you don't want to have to mix with all the hoi polloi.


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