Apr.8 - Mick Schumacher is reporting "no after-effects" of his recent high-speed qualifying crash in Saudi Arabia.

The German was briefly hospitalised in nearby Jeddah and missed Sunday's grand prix, but it wasn't because of his health - it was because of a lack of spare parts.

And now, 23-year-old Schumacher is being asked to drive carefully in Melbourne because Haas hasn't had the chance to either get the damaged chassis back to the UK or build a new spare.

"Because of customers, we had to send the chassis from Jeddah to Melbourne," team boss Gunther Steiner revealed.

"From here it went back to Europe and it will then be ready to use again in Imola."

The current situation is that if Schumacher or Kevin Magnussen damage their chassis in Melbourne, the team does not have a viable spare chassis to use.

"The drivers are aware of the situation," said Steiner. "But we can't just tell them to slow down.

"It's just about not taking any unnecessary risks. So no panic and we can't drive slowly either."

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