Jun.25 - Alfa Romeo is celebrating the anniversary of its 1910 founding this weekend with '111' on-livery Formula 1 branding.

However, Hinwil based Sauber's naming deal with the iconic Ferrari-linked car manufacturer reportedly expires at the end of the season.

"Alfa Romeo has apparently not yet decided to continue (with Sauber) in 2022," said authoritative F1 journalist veteran Roger Benoit.

"Team boss Fred Vasseur, who is only employed on a monthly basis, is also examining his future," Benoit wrote in the Swiss newspaper Blick.

"After three seasons, a driver change is also planned for next year," he added, with Kimi Raikkonen a former Ferrari champion and Antonio Giovinazzi one of the most prominent members of Ferrari's driver 'academy'.

When asked about his own future, 53-year-old Frenchman and Alfa Romeo team boss Vasseur said: "Don't worry about my contract.

"I'm working for Sauber and I'm in good shape," he said.

"Regarding Alfa Romeo, we are in ongoing discussions but it's moving forward and I hope that we will be able to close something in the next few weeks.

"We're offering the same answer as last week," Vasseur laughed.

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11 F1 Fan comments on “No deal yet between Sauber and Alfa Romeo for next season?

    • shroppyfly

      I sort of .. know what you mean but theyve a 3dr, and 5dr hatchback the superb Giulia and the Stelvio, so to counter your statement what body style are they missing?, ok its not as comprehensive as Ford Europe but i dont think theyll ever claim to compete with the likes of Ford, but probably and especially in mainland Europe they sell a good number of cars, obviously electrification is there weak spot perhaps, but aslong as the sales figures stack up, theyll keep going , too closely linked imo to ferrari not to, just my opinion , as ive been told im very polite by Ror

      • ReallyOldRacer

        Shrop', your posts are becoming as tiring as the plethora of contract negotiation articles. LOL We (or at least I) miss the sarcasm and response inspiring repartee. Were your hands smacked by the headmaster?

        • shroppyfly

          Yeah i dont know whats happening to me at the moment, first i get a hair fetish, now I am being sorta polite to f1 ....

          Im sure the quali will fire Jax and f1 up enough for me to be back to my older sarcastic self , had a moment earlier where i read Hammy said hed been busy on Zoom calls , whose he trying to kid grrrr

          • ReallyOldRacer

            Didn't see the Zoom reference. Was he doing in-car streaming from his phone, maybe with his visor up? He is, after all, a man of the people. And where is Jaxman? He should be all over BOT's pitlane spin.

  1. shroppyfly

    Apparantly he filming a new pop video, either that or video calling Roscoe, either way he should be concentrating on twisting Torgers arm to resign VB

    • shroppyfly

      Zoom Zoom, a lot of Zooming, gonna help ffs

      Meanwhile, attention shifts to that little matter of the 2021 world championship.

      "I've generally been working flat out, in the past few days," said Hamilton. "There's been a lot of Zoom meetings, a lot of calls with everyone at the team.

      "It has been really encouraging and inspiring to see everyone flat out," he continued, "everyone just leaving no stone unturned, I got to be at the factory yesterday, so again just good to see and speak to the team, and just continue to encourage them to keep pushing as that's what we're doing.


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