Nov.23 - Logan Sargeant's seat at Williams is still not safe for 2024, according to a former Formula 1 driver.

The American rookie is the last of the current drivers whose contract for next season is still not signed - but he appears to still be supported by team boss James Vowles.

However, Sport1 reports that Vowles - the former strategy boss at Mercedes and still close to Toto Wolff - is keeping an open mind about Frederik Vesti.

Mercedes junior Vesti, 21, is facing a huge workload in Abu Dhabi this weekend, as the Formula 2 season concludes and he also drives Mercedes' F1 car in Friday practice - and then the post-GP tyre test.

"Wolff now wants to move Vesti to Formula 1 after his plan to guide Mick Schumacher to Williams failed due to Vowles' veto," the German report said.

Former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher, however, says he's surprised Williams would really consider Vesti - an unproven rookie - over Sargeant, who has steadily improved during his rookie year in F1.

"Sargeant has improved in the last few races after many previous mistakes," he said. "Qualifying in Las Vegas was particularly impressive.

"That's why I thought James Vowles would confirm him for 2024 in our interview. The fact that he hasn't given his current driver that confidence is surprising to me.

"Especially as I don't see any alternatives."

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8 F1 Fan comments on “New Rookie to Replace Sargeant at Williams Next Season?

  1. Jere Jyrälä

    No. The fact Sargeant will participate in the post-season test effectively confirms him for next season, as no team would run a driver in a post-season test they don't intend to keep for the following season.
    I reckon they'll formally confirm him after that test.


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