Jan.1 - Happy New Year to all you F1 Fans! Today the Mercedes F1 team published a teaser photo of the Mercedes W13 on their social media channels. We enhanced that dark teaser picture and generated this picture for you.

You can see really good how the new 2022 Mercedes W13 looks like and that it equally very much looks like the concept demo car that the FIA built earlier this year.

New 2022 Mercedes W13 front view

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6 F1 Fan comments on “New 2022 Mercedes W13 front view

    • Adrian Roscher

      I think a DRS system can be engineered into any multiplane rear wing system, tho' frankly I loathe how DRS affects the racing in F1 and would be very happy to be rid of it. I totally agree on those tall upswept front winglets - not only will the easily break, the rear edges look perfectly situated to cause front tire punctures - one wonders whether the geniuses that design these cars think of such things?

  1. John B

    I thought that the idea was not to hit each other.
    This is not banger racing

    Driving skills will prevail to keep out of trouble. Time drivers earned their living and not incur needless costs for the team


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