He received 61,62% of the votes from FIA Member Clubs to Britain’s Graham Stoker’s 36,62% and abstenstions were 1,76%, and will therefore succeed Frenchman Jean Todt, who was President since 2009 and served the maximum three terms possible.

Mohammed Ben Sulayem, 60, from United Arab Emirates, President of the Emirates Motorsports Organisation (EMSO) since 2005, was FIA World Motor Sport Council Vice President for Middle East. Former Rally driver, he was 14-time FIA Middle East Rally Champion, winning 61 international events from 1983 to 2002. He campaigned under the banner “FIA for Members”, committing to double motor sport participation worldwide, strengthen diversity and inclusion and be a leading opinion-former on sustainable mobility.

Elected for a four-year term, he appointed Carmelo Sanz de Barros as President of the Senate, Robert Reid as Deputy President for Sport and Tim Shearman as Deputy President for Mobility.

Mohammed Ben Sulayem, new FIA President, said: "I am very honoured to have been elected FIA President at the conclusion of the Annual General Assembly in Paris today. I thank all the Member Clubs for their esteem and trust. I congratulate Graham for his campaign and his engagement to the Federation. I wish to express my infinite gratitude in the name of the FIA and that of its Members to Jean Todt for all that has been achieved over the past 12 years. I am committed to pursuing the important work and make motor sport and mobility take further steps forward.”

Jean Todt, former FIA President, said: "A chapter has come to an end. We can be collectively satisfied of our achievements in motor sport and safe and sustainable mobility over the past 12 years. I would like to warmly thank my team, our administration and all our Member Clubs for their unwavering commitment, enthusiasm and resilience. I congratulate Mohammed on his election as FIA President and wish him, his team, and the Federation the best of success for the years to come.”

The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) is the governing body for world motor sport and the federation of the world’s leading mobility organisations. Founded in 1904, with headquarters in Paris and Geneva, the FIA is a non-profit organisation. It brings together 245 Member Organisations from 146 countries on five continents. Its Member Clubs represent over 80 million road users and their families

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7 F1 Fan comments on “Mohammed Ben Sulayem elected FIA President

  1. Maria Yvonne Franssen

    M. Ben Sulayem promished L. Hamilton a penalty for not attending the FIA-gala 2021. Because a contractual obligation to attend a gala has nothing to do with racing on the track, this penalty cannot concern penalty points for the race standings. One can either exclude a coureur from a race because he was drunk during the FIA-gala.

  2. shroppyfly

    it does if it puts him in breach of the sporting regulations.... for which a reprimand is usually the punishment, however since no reprimand was issued to him for not attending in the year of 2021 meaning he ended the yr on two reprimands, even if now, he was reprimanded, it wouldnt trigger a ten place grid penalty at next race as would have been the case if he'd been given his 3rd reprimand before 31st dec 2021

    • ReallyOldRacer

      Shrop', just returned from a brief snowplay trip to Colorado. Guess who I saw chasing snowflakes near Beaver Creek. I swear it was Roscoe romping with Blondie.

      • shroppyfly

        oh how i could do Beaver joke right...lol, sounds like a bit of baby sitting to me, she really takes cares of all his needs i guess, tomorrow is another day Ror, a very special day in fact, its Lewis's 37th birthday so here's an early "Happy Birthday Lewis" from me .


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