Jun.29 - The camp surrounding F1 legend Michael Schumacher have denied he ever drove a Porsche Carrera GT.

In recent days, the auction of a Porsche reportedly driven 'in secret' by the seven time world champion attracted widespread media attention.

It is alleged that, because of Schumacher's then contract with Ferrari, the great German got his manager Willi Weber to buy the Porsche via his Weber Management company.

However, Schumacher's more recent manager Sabine Kehm denies the story.

"Recent reports have appeared in various media that give the impression that Michael Schumacher was the owner of a Porsche Carrera GT that is currently being offered for sale," she told Auto Bild.

"This does not correspond to the facts. Michael Schumacher was neither directly nor indirectly associated with anyone who owned this Porsche Carrera GT."

Michael's brother Ralf, meanwhile, added: "As far as I know, Michael never drove a Porsche."

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