May 2 - Formula 1 has rejected a push to organise a 'team boss parade' ahead of the inaugural and highly anticipated Miami GP.

The sport's next stop in 2022 will be the streets of the beachside city in Florida, with McLaren's American boss Zak Brown predicting it will rival "the Super Bowl".

At the same time, there is pushback against the Americanisation of F1, including the dramatised Drive to Survive Netflix series and similar measures like the 'fake' harbour in Miami for which luxury boats had to be craned into place.

"This idea and execution is a perfect metaphor for what F1 is becoming," one Twitter user commented.

One proposed measure - a driver parade-style lap of honour for the team principals - has even been scrapped ahead of this weekend's first Miami race.

"I don't want to be disrespectful to the team bosses," Daniel Ricciardo is quoted by Speed Week, "but it's a bit of a strange idea, isn't it?

"I don't want to take their moment of glory away from them, but I thought that was a little over the top."

Indeed, the idea has not been included on the official Miami program, reportedly after top bosses including Toto Wolff and Christian Horner said no.

"I don't think there should be such an event with team bosses waving at the crowd like that," Mercedes' Wolff said.

"Don't get me wrong, I love the fans, but I want the drivers to be in the spotlight. They are the athletes, they are the gladiators - not us."

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49 F1 Fan comments on “Miami GP 'F1 team boss parade' idea scrapped

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    " the 'fake' harbour in Miami for which luxury boats had to be craned into place."

    Welcome to the US, my friends. I apologize for those of we 'muricans who love and respect our sport. The Austin race concert and now this. Take your shots, we deserve it.

    • Donalf

      Curious on the vinyl water look alike, is that what they use at boat shows,? and who owns the boats. Good show from GR I knew he had it in him, he'll show them all how to drive.

  2. F1FanFromUSA

    Want to know a dirty little secret? Despite suggestions and nype to the contrary, the track for the Miami GP is located in the hood. It's nowhere near the beach or affluent coastal areas. Not even close.

  3. shroppyfly

    Off topic and maybe late news but its a definite Audi and Porsche in f1 for 26, gotta be good for f1, Honda should have stayed too

  4. Susan

    Leave US alone. Everyone knows we are not a sophisticated lot. But we love this sport. Miami doesn’t really represent the US. It is more international. Our only saving grace, we love to spend lots of money to see the races, which in turns help F1. Not every yank loves NASCAR either.

    • ReallyOldRacer

      Nice try, Susan, but the Amerihaters on here far outnumber us. I suspect it's mostly envy, but we truly are an arrogant lot. Tough not to be when we've got it all. (smirky lol)

      BTW, your Miami comment is far too kind. It's where the detritus settles after the flush.

  5. Donalf

    Toto says that when sir Lulu gets mad he flys so I suggest that he takes his box of multi coloured Dummys away he'd be "Furious"

  6. John B

    Would he fly in his private jet to his 18 million estate to check on his precious tree

    Time ⏲ he stopped pissing people off and hung up his jewelry collection and count his money

  7. shroppyfly

    ForFucksSake as Gordon Ramsey might say , I thought Ror was joking when he said fake marina , just seen it, that's an awful idea, , what is it , heh look we can do a Monaco, am i being too harsh , that's just plain embarrassing ..........

  8. ReallyOldRacer

    The Miami race just got 3 min on the NATIONAL prime time news, not sports.....the news. Emphasis was on the glitz, but no matter, F1 on the national news is a big deal. BTW, avg ticket price is >$2100, a hot dog (with caviar) is $15, and, yes, they did show the 'marina' ala Monaco. Gotta' give kudos to Liberty for the PR work.

    • shroppyfly

      General admission rce day 1 adult Miami £405

      General admission race day 1 adult Silverstone £115

      Mmmm if that's anything to go by...

      Ok Miami...

      • Swede

        $28,000 USD to sit on a land yacht.

        Wish Fox video was around Miami track.

        At least SKY shows P1 & P2 at their races. Think ESPN got this race so nothing until Sat. :-(

        • ReallyOldRacer

          Swede, JohnB is correct, we do sound like whiners, BUT ESPN has relegated all but quali and the race to sub-channels. Probably OK since the interlopers don't give a rats ass about the rest anyway and Netflix will give us the true scoop. OK, I'm done with the rants. RACE TIME!!!!!

  9. John B

    We all have to pay for our pleasure

    Stop whinning

    Stay away if it's outwith your finances and enjoy the spectacle on TV with your popcorn

    The Americans certainly know how it's done. Well done Liberty 🗽

  10. John B

    No wonder the world is in the state it is in with racist comments like this. I hope LuLu has his eye on you. In this case he would be justified in making comment

    Lets cut the crap and post sensible comments and opinions about racing issues not finance or racism


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