Sep.22 - Ralf Schumacher is not surprised that Lewis Hamilton's contract negotiations with Mercedes are taking so long.

This weekend in Russia, Hamilton - to be followed throughout the weekend by the Netflix filming team - is tipped to win his 91st race and match the all-time victory record set by Ralf's brother Michael Schumacher.

"People keep asking me if Lewis Hamilton is the greatest racing driver of all time now that he's breaking many of my brother's records," he told Sky Deutschland.

"My opinion is that he is definitely the greatest of his time. Just like Michael was.

"But comparing him with my brother is difficult because many factors play a role. Lewis also has a mega package in addition to his brilliant talent. It wasn't always like that for Michael.

"But what Lewis does with it is still great," added Schumacher. "It has to be said that he is by far the best driver in the field."

However, although Hamilton will almost certainly also match Michael's record tally of seven titles in 2020, he is yet to sign a new contract for 2021.

"What's next for him and Mercedes?" Schumacher wonders.

"There is a rumour that Mercedes wants to sell its team by the end of next year, and that uncertainty has consequences. It paralyses such future decisions.

"We have to remember that Lewis is an important personality, certainly a very expensive one, and he will also want a contract that is longer than just a year.

"The uncertainty that hovers over the team is certainly a good reason why the negotiations between him and the team are taking so long," Ralf added.

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8 F1 Fan comments on “Mercedes rumour reason for Hamilton contract delay?

  1. Reye

    Michael certainly had the best resources available to any F1 driver while at Ferrari during his domination, so Ralph can snuff the dog whistling implications. Once Lewis eclipse 7 championships, based upon the standard established during the apartheid F1 era, he,ll be crowned "The Best."

  2. Les

    Michael won 2 championships in a Benneton. Then he went to Ferrari and it took 4 years for Todt , Brawn and Michael to make it a championship winning team. Lewis went straight into a McLaren and fought for the championship in his first year. Then he went to Mercedes and that car was ready to fight for championships as soon as he arrived. So yes Michael didn't always have the best package. He will always be Number 1 and the GOAT.

  3. Carol

    Lewis is exceptional and he is in the best car, because Merc wants the best driver. He is also a very fair racer, I am not criticising Michael S, he was an excellent driver, but surely no-one would call him fair, he won by being ruthless. Lewis is indomitable, he wins by keeping his cool. I note that Mick S said today that comparing his Dad and Lewis is pointless as F1 itself has changed. In any event I will be crossing my fingers for a first for Lewis tomorrow, as I always do. As for Lewis leaving F1 ... only he will know when the time is right, but hopefully not for another year or two at least. Come on Lewis !

  4. MichaelM

    This incident proves again that LH is the biggest sook in F1 history. he behaves like a spoil brat that he's every time that things don't go his way. I wonder when he'll grow up.


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