Feb.8 - The Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team is pleased to announce that the reigning Formula One World Constructors’ Champion and the reigning F1 World Drivers’ Champion will continue together in 2021. The Mercedes works team and Lewis agreed a new contract which will see one of the sport’s most successful ever collaborations continue for a ninth consecutive season.

A significant part of the new agreement builds upon the joint commitment to greater diversity and inclusion in motorsport that was made last year by Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes. This will take the form of a joint charitable foundation, which will have the mission of supporting greater diversity and inclusion in all its forms in motorsport.

The Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team and Lewis Hamilton have agreed a new contract which will see the driver with the most Grand Prix victories in F1 history race for the Mercedes works team in the upcoming 2021 F1 season. Lewis joined the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team in 2013; together, they were able to win sixth F1 Drivers’ and seven Constructors’ Championships in the past years.

Lewis made his F1 debut with Mercedes F1 engine customer team McLaren in 2007 and has been powered in all his 266 Grands Prix by Mercedes-Benz engines. He joined the Mercedes works team in 2013 and has since won 74 F1 races as well as six Drivers’ Championships with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team. In 2020, he broke Michael Schumacher’s win record and is now all-time race win record holder in Formula One.

Lewis Hamilton
“I am excited to be heading into my ninth season with my Mercedes teammates. Our team has achieved incredible things together and we look forward to building on our success even further, while continuously looking to improve, both on and off the track.

“I’m equally determined to continue the journey we started to make motorsport more diverse for future generations and I am grateful that Mercedes has been extremely supportive of my call to address this issue. I’m proud to say we are taking that effort further this year by launching a foundation dedicated to diversity and inclusion in the sport. I am inspired by all that we can build together and can’t wait to get back on the track in March.”

Toto Wolff, CEO & Team Principal
“We have always been aligned with Lewis that we would continue, but the very unusual year we had in 2020 meant it took some time to finish the process. Together, we have decided to extend the sporting relationship for another season and to begin a longer-term project to take the next step in our shared commitment to greater diversity within our sport. Lewis’s competitive record stands alongside the best the sports world has ever seen, and he is a valued ambassador for our brand and our partners. The story of Mercedes and Lewis has written itself into the history books of our sport over the past eight seasons, and we are hungry to compete and to add more chapters to it.”

Markus Schäfer, Non-Executive Chairman

“We’re very happy to keep the most successful F1 driver of the current era in the most successful F1 team of the current era. Lewis is not only an incredibly talented driver; he also works very hard for his achievements and is extremely hungry.

Markus Schäfer

He shares his passion for performance with the entire team which is why this collaboration has become so successful. But Lewis is also a warm-hearted personality who cares deeply about the world around him and wants to make an impact. As a company, Mercedes-Benz shares this sense of responsibility and is proud to commit to a new, joint foundation to improve diversity in motorsport. Opening the sport to under-represented groups will be important for its development in the future and we’re determined to make a positive impact.”

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5 F1 Fan comments on “Mercedes confirms deal with Hamilton for current season

  1. shroppyfly

    Lewis’s competitive record stands alongside the best the sports world has ever seen, and he is a valued ambassador for our brand and our partners. Yeah, then can someone explain why he wasnt given a brand ambassadors role or marketing role for 2022, , onwards....... well i think we can answer that for ourselves, one last payday, then bye bye lewis , and GR can continue winning for them, ofcourse it could be for the hamsters lovers he knew that was all he was going to get and is banking on a move to Ferrari, but somehow after alonso wdc and vettel wdc , i dont see ferrari coughing up for LH................ I can hear the phones ringing for Ediie Jordan for his opinion on this , i cant wait haha, and havnt the pr dept done well with the statement
    ,i guess contracts are easy as Toto said it would be........, "its a one year deal take it or leave it"...................

  2. Yep

    Once again this web site publishes this "news" several hours later than the oficial Formula 1 site confirmed the deal. What is the purpose of having a gossip page that publishes the news only after the official page confirmed the rumor?

  3. Craig Bailey

    Lewis isn’t worth all the drama and hassles he brings. Russell proved anyone in the best car can get in and drive to the front. Glad Mercedes stood firm and one year isn’t a ringing endorsement on the future. As a card player Hamilton’s hand lost. Max would beat him every race if Max was in the same car.

  4. shroppyfly

    Craig , i agree with you about the ringing non endorsement of a 1yr deal, check out andrew benson on bbc f1, very interesting totos take on LH future, plus an awfull lot of bullshit too from him regarding the deal lol

  5. ReallyOldRacer

    God, I love PR releases. The real fun would be to have heard the final contract conversation. And the beat goes on.....I'm bored with this crap.,and the journo' takes are laughable. Let's go racing.


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