Nov.19 - Mercedes has apologised to Chinese fans after Valtteri Bottas made a joke about coronavirus following last Sunday's grand prix in Istanbul.

On the day his teammate Lewis Hamilton sealed the title, the Finnish driver was asked by Ziggo Sport if he would like to scratch the date from history.

"Yeah, or the day someone bought a bat in Wuhan," Bottas joked.

On the Twitter-like Chinese platform Weibo, the Mercedes team apologised.

"Dear Chinese car fans," the apology reads. "Last Sunday, Valtteri had a tough and disappointing race, in which he lost the world title.

"He didn't intend to offend anyone in front of the TV cameras straight after the race, and certainly meant no disrespect to China and Chinese fans.

"He still is the Valtteri we all know, he cares about every fan in China as much as we do, wishes each of you the best and to stay safe in such a difficult time," Mercedes added.

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11 F1 Fan comments on “Mercedes apologises after Bottas' covid joke

  1. Graham Rogers

    I think its time that Mercedes (and others) forgot that chasing money is the only "driver" (forgive the pun), in these stressful times, we need a sense of humour. Its pleasing that some drivers can allow themselves to comment in a light hearted manner as many fans would associate with.

    • John Mitchell

      Graham, Excellent comment and I think Valterri has an excellent sense of humour. There would not be many in the world who felt they had to apologise to China, I guess that money answers everything for some. Disappointing. China does not say sorry for anything - with their attitudes to the rest of the World - apologise? Like hell.

  2. MichaelM

    OH-SO-WOKE-Mercedes has become so WOKE that it apologises even when telling the truth. This plays in the hands of the PC brigade...MB is another company that has failed to defend values that people have died to defend in the past, FREEDOM OF SPEECH.


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