Aug.27 - McLaren is pulling out of the Tour de France.

Last weekend, Fernando Alonso finished just 21st in the Indy 500, having failed even to qualify in a similarly McLaren-branded entry a year earlier.

And now, McLaren is pulling out of the top level of cycling.

The British outfit surprised motorsport fans late last year when it announced that it was jointly launching the Team Bahrain McLaren team for cycling's top UCI world tour.

In a statement, McLaren confirmed that it will "conclude its title partnership of Team Bahrain McLaren at the end of the 2020 season".

In turn, the cycling team said it "thanks McLaren for its contribution to the partnership, and wishes it well as it returns its focus to four wheeled racing".

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One F1 fan comment on “McLaren pulling out of pro cycling

  1. Kyle

    What sort of sensationalism fake news reporting by the idiot (MBR) who wrote this article, is the heading "McLaren is pulling out of the Tour de France"


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