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McLaren-Honda saga to end in coming days

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Sep.8 - The signs are growing by the day that McLaren and Honda are poised to split.

As he waits for the saga to unfold, out-of-contract team driver Fernando Alonso has reportedly removed all reference to McLaren and its hapless Japanese engine supplier from his official Twitter profile.

Former F1 team owner and boss Gian Carlo Minardi thinks the die is cast on a McLaren-Renault deal for 2018.

"During the delayed qualifying session at Monza, Zak Brown apparently signed an agreement with Cyril Abiteboul," said the Italian.

Minardi said he thinks the deal will be announced this week, with Honda staying in F1 by switching to the junior Red Bull team Toro Rosso.

"As I say this, Honda's Yusuke Hawegawa is apparently flying to Japan to draw up the new programme," he added.

The Belgian newspaper La Derniere Heure reports that the saga could end over the course of the coming weekend.

Hasegawa is quoted as sounding pessimistic that the McLaren-Honda relationship can be rescued.

"We want to stay with McLaren, but our next big change (upgrade) is not planned until Suzuka," said the Japanese. "We're going to run out of time to convince them."

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3 thoughts on “McLaren-Honda saga to end in coming days

  1. Marco

    That is the best thing that could hapen to Honda, get away from McLaren. Will be fun seeing Toro Rossos/Honda works team running in front of McLarens/Renault customer team next year, while Alonso (geat pilot, do not think me wrong) will be screaming on the radio. And if that happens, we can expect in a short term a Red Bull/Honda works team, with Toro Rosso/Honda passing as a customer team. Also, I would like to see the new McLaren livery for 2018. Renewing Alonso's contract, and paying for Renault customer engines, all that without the "little"money they used to get from Honda...

  2. Ian Grobler

    Honda has been full of empty promises for almost an entire season. They haven't made a substantial leap since they entered F1. It would be suicide for McLaren to further a relationship with Honda.

  3. Johan

    Alonso is effectively out of time, McLaren was his last hope of a third title.
    If Honda had pulled it off, it would have been amazing, however the rest have just had too long to develop there package.
    From a business POV it would make sense to stay where the money is, but from a racing POV, seeing a great team like McLaren at the back of the grid is a crying shame..........
    Its a far cry from when they ruled the roost in the late 80's. Such a shame !

    Alonso best bet now would be to settle for McLaren Renault in the hope they will match RedBull, or jump and try his had at Williams (who I very much doubt could afford his wage bill).
    And Williams being where they are is also such a shame, another great team, glad they still have Fillipe putting in a good service.


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