Nov.7 - Another team has emerged as a potential home for Daniel Ricciardo in 2023 - McLaren.

Currently, it is believed the Australian is in talks with both Mercedes and Red Bull about potentially serving as reserve driver next year.

Having lost his McLaren race seat, the 33-year-old Australian turned down a move to Haas for next year in favour of a reserve role with a top team that could lead to a drive in 2024.

McLaren F1 team not surprised about Piastri saga outcome

Andreas Seidl, Team Principal, McLaren

Ricciardo says his struggles at McLaren prompted him to seek help from a psychologist because he was no longer his "usual bubbly self".

"I started to speak to a psychologist last year," he said. "I was neglecting friendships and thought it would be good to talk to someone to make sure the two sides of my life didn't cross over."

Now, Ricciardo seems content with a year away from racing next year so long as he is working on a project that could see him return to F1 in 2024.

A role with Mercedes could also see Ricciardo serving on standby for another Mercedes-powered team - McLaren.

"We haven't discussed this issue yet," said team boss Andreas Seidl, "but usually in the winter we select a reserve driver.

"In recent years, we shared a reserve driver with another team, but now we have no disagreements with Daniel. It is possible that he will be our third driver in 2023."

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6 F1 Fan comments on “McLaren also wants Ricciardo as reserve F1 driver

  1. Les

    This is a non issue. Really RIC lost his job because he wasn't performing , people lose their jobs around the world everyday for the same reason.
    Seeing a psychologist , really , all that does is tell me he has'nt the mental strength nor the ability to be WDC. It is how you handle set backs that determines your character. Anybody can be bright and bubbly when everything is going well.
    You get knocked down or knocked back you pick yourself up and carry on. Seeing a psychologist , really.

    • ReallyOldRacer

      Les. why would you attach a stigma to seeing a psychologist? Many professional athletes have a relationship with a psychologist. Hell, there is an entire profession built around sports psychology. Rather, IMO, DRic admitting his dismal lack of performance and seeking assistance is a good thing.

  2. Les

    All it tells me is that he hasn't had any setbacks in his life.
    There are talented young Aussie drivers go kart and lower formulas who can't go racing in Europe because they don't have family money. Just because he is not performing having to see a psychologist .
    Juat shut up , stop booming yourself up in the media and concentrate on your driving.
    Be like Kimi , just race.
    No time for psychologists, you should be able to do it yourself.

  3. Jere Jyrälä

    He's leaving them, so what would be the point?
    Nevertheless, as mentioned in the article, a shared role would be a slightly different matter, but this could only happen if he became a Merc reserve driver.


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