Nov.26 - Nikita Mazepin's father says his company is "ready" to ramp up its backing of Haas - and he's also not ruling out buying a Formula 1 team outright.

Dmitry Mazepin, who is listed in the top 100 wealthiest businessmen in Russia, is backing the small American outfit via his potash fertiliser company Uralkali.

"The agreement is long-term," the 53-year-old told Russian broadcaster Match TV.

"There is a fixed term and an extension option. I understand that many fans are interested in the cost, but it is a commercial secret so I cannot reveal the numbers."

That mystery number could now be set to rise, even though Haas' 2021 season has been particularly disappointing.

"This season has turned out to be difficult," Mazepin snr confirmed. "The car was slow.

"The team announced early this season that it would not be developed, but there were these two young drivers. And although they have almost no chance to fight for points, they both worked tirelessly," he said, referring also to Mick Schumacher.

"I'm happy with their attitude, but I think for next season it is encouraging. First of all, there will be a new car," said Mazepin.

Indeed, the car is even being developed at a new facility on the very grounds of Ferrari's headquarters in Maranello - and now it appears as though there will be extra funding.

"We are ready to voluntarily offer additional conditions, with which we would like to motivate Haas employees to stay in the team and be more involved in the process," said Mazepin.

"I understand that it is difficult to travel to 23 countries of the world in a season - the human factor plays a big role here. Therefore, we are doing our best to increase motivation internally and, as a sponsor, to be a part of the team."

Dmitry Mazepin also reiterated that he still aims to one day soon call himself a Formula 1 team owner.

"We have great ambitions in motorsport," he said, before alluding to his failed bid to take over the team.

"Yes, there was an unsuccessful attempt to buy a team, but we will not leave this topic behind. And it isn't about Nikita's career," added Mazepin.

"These are our long-term plans - we want to expand our presence in Formula 1. We are represented in Formula 4, Formula 3 and Formula 2, and ideally the crown should be a Formula 1 team and we want to be its owner.

"At the moment we are not negotiating with anyone, because everyone is waiting for the cards to be revealed in 2022," he said. "If some small teams suddenly become successful, then the cost and the attractiveness will be different."

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9 F1 Fan comments on “Mazepin's father says he still wants to buy F1 team


    F1 now is a big hour house . There are no manufacturers, everyrhing can be sold, or bought, even beverage brands are ... manufacturers-....Plus, DRS, radio communications for everything, a steering wheel wich is not ...round, with .. 41 (?!?) buttons...
    Is a fake ....

  2. F. Smith

    Oh great. F1 already has one nepotism driver who’s daddy keeps buying controlling interests in teams to get his baby boy faster cars because the kid just can’t really measure up as a driver - he’s adequate nothing more and the better the car daddy buys him ther more obvious it becomes. Now there’s another one who’s thrusting his mediocre spoiled brat into what was a fascinating sport....

    Soon we will be watching a sport where at least half the drivers are only ther cause they have a rich daddy or a wealthy benefactor....
    And won’t that be f...un To watch 😒

    • Brian T

      I won’t debate the sons’ merits. But there is a world of difference between the fathers. Stroll’s business acumen is in a different league that Mazepin’s; and no question Stroll Sr. Knows that the success of his AM venture goes well beyond finding a seat for his son.

  3. Andy

    "We are ready to voluntarily offer additional conditions, with which we would like to motivate Haas employees to stay in the team and be more involved in the process," said Mazepin.
    Kind of like Vladimir Putin did when he annexed Crimea and told everyone they had to go there? Heavy handed Russian "motivation".


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