May 20 - Nikita Mazepin says those who continue to slam him on social media are wasting their time.

Ever since Haas signed the divisive Russian rookie for 2021 - but especially after video of an alleged groping incident surfaced - the 22-year-old has been the subject of an ongoing negative campaign on social media.

For instance, on a photo posted by Haas of Mazepin with his hand up on Wednesday, the first comment on Twitter reads: "Hands up if sexual assault is your thing."

When asked what the experience has been like from his side of the fence, the Russian said in Monaco: "To have experiences in these situations, you have to be an active user of social media, and I rarely am.

"I look at a few things about sports or at the Formula 1 account, which is always interesting content. But I don't really see what people write," said Mazepin.

"And I don't notice it at all on race weekends because I only use my phone to communicate with the team," he insists.

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3 F1 Fan comments on “Mazepin has no eye for social media negativity

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    C'mon. haters, you never tried to cop a feel as a kid? LOL Let's talk about his racing ability. I'm giving even money that he crashes out at Monaco. Any takers?

  2. Michael Kay

    Is Russell a World Champion? How many races has he won? The answer is no to those questions. Just because he drove Hamilton's car and came close to winning his 1st race I believe any of the drivers could have fared as well and possibly better. He thinks he should get a long term contract And i assume he thinks he is a good as Hamilton . Best of luck with that thought and he is just one of many F1 drivers that have as Much talent and in some cases more than him. Good luck with his dream and hopefully doesn't take Bottas out again!!!!!


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