Aug.24 - Lewis Hamilton dominates Formula 1 because he has "a more powerful engine".

That is the claim of Dr Helmut Marko, the top Austrian official at Red Bull-Honda.

He is looking forward to the forthcoming ban on 'party mode' engine settings, which has been delayed for a week until Monza following a request not only by Mercedes, but ironically also from Red Bull's partner Honda.

But Marko says Mercedes' big advantage has existed since the beginning of the hybrid 'power unit' era in 2014.

He told Der Spiegel that although Hamilton is a gifted driver, "his enormous superiority results from a more powerful engine".

"We do not currently have a drivers' championship," Marko said. "We have an engineers' championship.

"It is not the technical product that should stand out, but the person. That is what interests and fascinates people."

He suggests that banning telemetry would be a good way to start addressing the problem, while "radio traffic from the box to the driver" should also be stopped, according to Marko.

"In Formula 1 we are closer to autonomous driving than Google," he insisted. "Everything is determined by the engineers. And that's the wrong way."

Marko also criticised the FIA's ruling on the 'pink Mercedes' case, likening the situation to the way the Ferrari engine legality saga was handled.

"The FIA does not want to hurt anyone again," he said. "It is a compromise judgement that avoids the question: Is the car legal or not?"

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6 F1 Fan comments on “Marko wants telemetry & radios banned in F1

  1. John Mitchell

    I think Marko needs a nap. I hope he has his blood pressure controlled. All his moaning gets on ones wick. He does not want radio contact from pit to cars because he knows that Max just ignores any advice. When Max is about to blow his engine I am sure Red Bull would want contact. It is likely that Marko will explode first. His arrogant rantings are pathetic. Glad I do not work for Red Bull, it would be unbearable.

  2. Brett Palfrey

    Marko is only moaning because Red Bull are not winning everything....s always, how does one enforce a "No radios, no telementary" rule? a helmet could contain a very small radio, even if it was recieve only...scrambling it would be fairly easy too...and tlementary could be sent in a quick burst from somewhere out on the track to a suitably modified tablet/phone, and sent to the pit wall very discreetly..... In other words, if the teams wanted to do it on the quiet, its easily possible...No, Helmut, make your cars go have the best designer in F1, sort it!


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