Dr Helmut Marko has denied that Red Bull needs a 'B' car in 2019.

The Red Bull official says team designer Adrian Newey was "deep in thought" after the extent of the 2019 car's aerodynamic issues became clear in Bahrain.

"That means he has recognised the problem," he told Auto Motor und Sport. "We have an aerodynamic problem."

When asked if Newey has a solution, Marko answered: "I hope."

But team boss Christian Horner acknowledged that with the current problems, "it will be difficult to keep pace with Ferrari and Mercedes".

Marko, though, told the Dutch publication Formule 1: "There will be no new car."

Instead, Red Bull will bring improvements to China next weekend, before a bigger upgrade is rolled out in Barcelona in May.

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5 F1 Fan comments on “Marko: No 'B' car to fix aero problem

  1. BlackDog

    Lets hope that Maclaren and some of the midfielders start to squeeze third place. That would be great and it's remarkable how quickly this guy forgets what he has said only a few weeks ago. Give Max two more years there and watch him jump ship.

  2. Jadra

    Such a shame that Red Bulls have got it wrong when comes to the car design. I was looking forward to seeing them challenge the 2 front runners. I still hope Max will have more than one opportunity to win races in spite of the cars aerodynamic issues. Just to add that I agree with BlackDog regarding the chances of Maclaren overtaking RedBulls. This is going to be a very exciting season for everyone concerned.We might get a few unexpected results in China . I trust that Ferrari will show us what they are capable of. Bottas will try to stay in front of Hamilton and Vettel needs to have a car that is fast and ready to take the victory and for sure Leclerc is there to stop him , so again be ready for the battle between the team mates in Ferrari and Mercs.

  3. Pam

    Red Bull don't desire good luck - especially Marko who never has a good word to.say about any other team!

    I don't think Mad Max desires pity either or Mr Horner from anyone on this site- not until Max grows some b*lls and starts to act his age not his show size. Marko needs a.labotomy so he can start to think straight and Horner needs a personality by-pass!

    Additionally, which driver will want to double up with Mad Max- only Lance Stroll.probably becaus3 he has only got one brain cell!

  4. Jacko

    This is the kind of thing that makes drivers look west for a ride. Super ambitious 21 year old Dutchman, living in Monaco on the Hollywood dollars, and who needs to win races! Verstapen will be gone like a rat up a drainpipe if RB don't bring the car. Prediction, Verstappen at Ferrari with Leclerc while Schumacher follows the dotted line apprenticed at Alfa Sauba, and Vettel seeing the sun go down back at RB.


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