Sep.22 - Red Bull's Dr Helmut Marko has hit out again at Lewis Hamilton, following reports the seven time world champion suffered a neck injury as a result of his Monza clash with Max Verstappen.

Marko has already called out Hamilton and Mercedes' "stories" about the injuries, adding that the 36-year-old Briton and his team put on a "show" in the aftermath.

Former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher sided with Marko, accusing Hamilton of "dramatising" the incident.

"The whole incident was certainly not life-threatening," Dr Marko told the German broadcaster n-tv.

"If he had really serious neck pain or any problems, he would not have been in New York the next day in the very funny outfit he appeared in," the 78-year-old Austrian added.

"If you go on a seven-hour flight with an injured neck after an incident like that, it couldn't have been all that serious," said Marko.

The implication of Marko's comments is that Red Bull and Verstappen do not take seriously the potential seriousness of the clashes between the Dutch driver and Hamilton.

Marko denies that.

"From our side, we try to influence Max so that there is mutual respect and collisions are to be avoided where possible," he said.

"But they're racing drivers. When the visor is down, all of that is forgotten."

Below you can see Hamilton's outfit Dr Marko is referring to:


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10 F1 Fan comments on “Marko hits out at Hamilton's recent 'funny outfit'

  1. shroppyfly

    Marko going on attack , its just a game they all play it.some better, some worse,but imo yes Hamster does look a bit of an arse but its all money, he gets paid to wear wacky new clothes

  2. smokey

    Why are Marko's stupid remarks considered newsworthy?
    He always talks garbage about other teams, nothing is new!
    Marko walks around with his head up his arse, and that's where his remarks come from!

  3. BeeDee

    @smokey. I agree; these remarks are made newsworthy by the media. This site included: "Marko hits out...." Really! Characterisations such as this should be reserved for quoting those who "Hit out" at global warming, racism, societal inequalities.

    How about the media stop winding the fans up with near-fake news. " Marko takes the mickey/piss out of Hamilton's off track fashion model work" is nearer the truth; I mean really, how can you "hit out" at someones trousers.

    Having said that, years of frustration has bought out a quite nasty side in the Red Bull leaders which the media grabs enthusiastically and then probably exaggerates. This then leads to responses which don't become the fans of this wonderful sport that I have loved for more years than I care to recount.

    I congratulate all the other F1 teams who, if they have an inner "shag-nasty", keep it under control and leave the bull to the Bull.


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