Sep.5 - Kevin Magnussen says he wants to meet team owner Gene Haas in person to discuss his Formula 1 future.

For 2021, Haas team boss Gunther Steiner has left the door open to either keeping Magnussen and Romain Grosjean, or potentially replacing one or both of them - even with "two rookies".

Steiner even admitted the possibility of choosing from the Ferrari talent pool, including Mick Schumacher, Callum Ilott and Robert Shwartzman.

"Looking ahead, looking to next year, I think all of them merit a place in a F1 seat," confirmed Ferrari's Mattia Binotto.

Haas has an 'option' on Magnussen for 2021, and he said the time is looming for talks about next year to take place.

"It's about to be the time of year when you sit down and talk about the future," the Danish driver confirmed to BT newspaper at Monza.

"But I cannot comment on dates or details."

It was believed that boss Steiner would fly to the US in the coming days to discuss the driver matter with team owner Gene Haas.

But it emerges that Haas is now actually en route to Monza.

"I will have to talk to Gene," Magnussen said. "Anything else would be strange, right?

"But I don't know if we will talk about the future. We have not agreed anything so we will have to wait and see."

If Haas does not keep him, Magnussen's options appear limited for 2021. The 27-year-old said he would be happy to stay.

"I would like to be further ahead and fighting for points, but I do not want to say I am frustrated," he said. "I believe the team has a bright future."

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2 F1 Fan comments on “Magnussen to meet Gene Haas over F1 future

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    This might sound strange, but I believe Haas is in a good position. The driver pool is pretty deep AND they seem to be focused on the 2022 car rather than beating a dead horse (pun intended).

  2. Annette Holst

    MAG should be the 1st driver of the team as he seems to be acting a bit more adult than his team mate. And GRO must step up a bit. Most of the time they are good together so no need to bring in a new driver as long as they themselves are content with staying in the team.


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