Nov.18 - Kevin Magnussen has revealed the alarming struggle he faced simply to return to the Formula 1 paddock last Sunday at Interlagos.

The Haas driver was punted into a crash by Daniel Ricciardo at the start of the Brazilian GP - and then spent the entire rest of the afternoon trying to get back to the pits.

"It was crazy," Ilta Sanomat newspaper quotes the Dane as saying in Abu Dhabi. I don't know what happened, but it was the most dangerous thing I did all weekend - including driving," Magnussen smiled.

Magnussen reveals strange adventure after his F1 crash in Brazil

Kevin Magnussen

"For some reason, I just couldn't get a ride back to the pits. I got into the safety car but was left on the side of the track for the entire race."

He says he struggled to communicate with the Portuguese-speaking marshals, but only really got worried after the race ended and the marshals started to dissipate.

"Some of them realised I was in trouble," he said. "They cut a hole in the fence and lifted me through it. It was a bit of a miracle.

"I was well taken care of among the fans, but it could have been worse," Magnussen added. "Luckily I wasn't Lewis Hamilton at Zandvoort. That would have been quite a thing.

"They apologised to me, but it was a really strange situation. Just come pick me up! How hard can it be? I hope it doesn't happen again."

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