Jun.18 - The mayor of London has admitted he is interested in welcoming Formula 1 to the British capital.

In May, Toto Wolff said: "Racing in London would top everything and I hope that the mayor of London and (prime minister) Mr Johnson read this and we get that going."

According to a new report in London's Evening Standard newspaper, some argue that London has lost its earlier status as a sporting capital of the world.

Mayor Sadiq Khan admits he "can't be complacent" in that area.

"We're speaking to Formula 1 and they're really receptive," he revealed.

"The reality is that the reigning champion of the world is a Brit. Lewis Hamilton is a credit to our nation and the sport, and it would be great to have a grand prix in the capital city - to have Silverstone and London on the calendar.

"I think next year would be too soon but I've been really impressed with those at Formula 1 and I'm keen to bring it as soon as possible," Khan added.

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6 F1 Fan comments on “London mayor interested in GP and talking with Formula 1?

  1. shroppyfly

    2 x Olympics ..ok, wembley stadium and wimbledon, and like many olympics the venues arent used to a full enough capacity after the events to make them viable,naw even as a brit i cant see this

  2. shroppyfly

    so your advocating a 2nd grand prix around the streets of London, mmm good luck with that, and anyway Britain had another circuit Brands Hatch , it alternated between the two . cost/noise/finance and even public opinion will prevent this event just my opinion though

    • Michael Schwartz

      I am advocating two F1 grands prix for Britain. One would be at Silverstone, one would be round London. I regret, all these years after, that Brands Hatch was dropped from the list of venues.


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