Dec.17 - Charles Leclerc's long contract at Ferrari includes key break clauses, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper.

The 24-year-old's five year deal, which still has three full seasons to run, is believed to be the longest in Ferrari's long history.

"For my part, I see no disadvantages to that," Leclerc said recently.

But with Toto Wolff revealing that Lewis Hamilton may be contemplating retirement over the lost 2021 title, locking himself into such a long deal could potentially cost Leclerc arguably the best seat in all of Formula 1.

However, the authoritative La Gazzetta dello Sport reveals that Leclerc may in fact be able to get out of the Ferrari deal before 2024 - even if rumours suggesting he is considering a further extension through 2026 turn out to be true.

Correspondent Gianluca Gasparini claims that if Ferrari falls lower than its current third in the constructors' championship next year, Leclerc - currently in isolation with covid-19 - will be free to go.

And this year, it was a close fight for that third place with McLaren.

"I don't think in each track we have been the third fastest car," team boss Mattia Binotto admits.

"In the midfield, the level of competitiveness was very close and sometimes we were slightly ahead or slightly behind."

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4 F1 Fan comments on “Leclerc's long Ferrari deal includes key break clause

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    Curly has arguably the best driver combo in F1. He, and the red team, have failed them. Of course Todt is coming back. Can he influence a repeat with Michael the Younger?

  2. Brian McCausland

    Lewis please please please do not rush into any decisions about retiring before you have 9 or 10 Championships in the bag. Certainly not before you have your EIGHTH next season.

    You were imperious this season & even though you were up against a superior car for much of the season driven by a sublime but flawed talent whose common overtaking manoeuvre is to dive into a corner from way too far back, offering you the chance to give way or crash as he uses all the track.

    You had Max 'bang to rights' in Abu Dhabi & the FIA (Race Director) manipulated you out of the Championship. It was sad, disgusting & goes against any sporting norms of FAIR PLAY that I know of but the best way back is to win it again next year. You have to beat the record of Michael Schumacher as we all know the contribution he made to the events of early 1994.

    Have a great Festive Season Sir Lewis & come back refreshed in 2022.


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